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Adium iTunes Controller

Adium iTunes Controller

Submitted By E dixon (Reikon)


AiTC 3.9 was recently featured in MacWorld April 2005 Issue's 100 Greatest Freeware for Mac CD, along with Adium X!

Version: 4.1

Control iTunes from Adium using text commands!

List of Features includes:
  • Randomly Choose a song
  • Playlist Info (Name, Song Count, Total Time, Size [in GB])
  • Song Count (Count songs in specified playlist)
  • Start iTunes
  • Quit iTunes
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Next Track
  • Previous Track
  • Go To Song
  • Go To Playlist
  • Go To Library
  • Personal Announce
  • Repeat 1/Off
  • Repeat All/Off
  • Shuffle(Random)/Off
  • Mute/Off
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Fine Volume Up/Down
  • Specific Volume
  • Fast Forward and Rewind
  • Send your current song, or choose one!

  • 9 Different Announcers to go along with /music
  • Help

    */Off means the ability to turn said feature on/off from Adium

    What's New in 4.1:

    What's New:

    -Updated pinfo code

    (If you don't like pinfo, I suggest you check out Zaudragon's iTunes Playlist Info

    -Ditched Announcer 5 (/a5) and replaced it with a new Announcer 5 (/a5)

    -Updated and fixed problems with help going off screen :)

    -Released under the GNU GPL

    I know, I've been lazy in updating :P Enjoy!
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    You can reply to individual comments by clicking the "Reply" link next to each.

    # by on 05/19/04 at 18:02:42

    This actually CONTROLS iTunes from Adium? Can we get a little more information before downloading?

    # by irshkd13 on 03/20/06 at 20:27:21

    how do u work this like, who do u im, where is the controls in the menu....?

    # by irshkd13 on 03/20/06 at 20:53:54

    uninstall doe not work


    # by zeppelin490 on 05/19/04 at 22:56:46

    How do we control it?

    # by zeppelin490 on 05/19/04 at 23:01:26

    Ahh I figured it out. You have to download it and it explains how to use it. Sorta glitchy. Messes up my chat.

    # by Reikon on 05/19/04 at 23:39:08

    How so? It's supposed to leave those little spaces if thats that you're talking about...:-D Couldn't figure out how to get rid of them...

    # by Reikon on 07/08/04 at 18:26:35

    Above problems were from an Earlier version, so feel free to download and try it :-D

    # by tim on 07/09/04 at 03:40:02

    Impressive and very handy!

    (the "ok" and "cancel" buttons do the same thing when viewing iTunes and System commands -it's no big deal at all, and you don't really need to change it... I'm mostly just wondering why there are two buttons)

    # by Reikon on 07/09/04 at 13:59:45

    Actually there are 2 buttons because in the code I specified the dialog box without specifying how many buttons/what they should say. So they put in default lol For example:

    I have:

    set help_msg to "help"
    display dialog help

    instead of

    set help_msg to "help"
    diasplay dialog help buttons {"OK"} Default button 1

    For some reason it didn't want to compile with the bottom I just used the top one. :-D

    # by Paul on 07/19/04 at 03:05:27

    Whats the preview theme?

    # by Hatebreeder on 07/20/04 at 07:05:11

    Wow i love the Message Style, what's its name?

    # by Reikon on 07/21/04 at 23:14:22

    Preview theme is Negative

    # by Reikon on 07/21/04 at 23:14:56

    btw it pwns all other msg

    # by Mike on 09/01/04 at 22:43:22

    Yeah, uh... once you put the randomize song command in, it doesn't seem to ever turn off... any reason why?

    # by Mike on 09/01/04 at 22:44:18

    ahahaha. never mind. i fixed it.

    # by Reikon on 09/04/04 at 23:08:21 worries... :)

    # by datz on 09/14/04 at 21:27:25

    pretty nifty, but satin owns negative :p

    # by Reikon on 09/15/04 at 22:24:19

    oh so collld.....i use eclipse i think..the transparent one, that works on any

    # by Reikon on 09/22/04 at 04:16:43

    This doesn't work in .7 beta 3 yet, theres an error in adium to where it doens't handle display dialogs correctly. Sorry. the announcers still work however.

    # by Reikon on 09/24/04 at 04:00:13

    OK, update for .7 approved :) enjoy basic functionality! lol I'll get this working for .70 completely hopefully in 3.6....

    # by Reikon on 10/21/04 at 05:31:41

    Ok new version out, please read the read me for complete update info...enjoy!

    .70 owns.

    # by misiis me all of you on 10/23/04 at 22:14:31

    sorry,, but you have all the rights to spam.. but still there is no message of how to..

    have downloaded it... but do be a failure..

    # by Reikon on 10/24/04 at 00:07:14


    # by ihaveabellybutton on 10/25/04 at 01:54:17

    This is awesome!! I really like announce 2. For my away message I have--
    (what im listening to right now)"

    # by Reikon on 10/25/04 at 02:41:15

    Awesome :) Thanks man! ...don't forget you can build your own announcer ;)

    # by on 10/25/04 at 07:49:24

    can i have it respond to commands from my contacts?

    # by Reikon on 10/25/04 at 17:29:03

    Not possible with adium....yet :) They're working on that.

    # by Reikon on 10/27/04 at 16:38:29

    I'm going to throw out another version changing the script code to /aitc, because I've been having some issues with links with /x in them, such as, and the like.

    # by Reikon on 11/01/04 at 12:32:04

    Ok, updated. /x is no more. Enjoy!

    # by on 11/02/04 at 17:02:35

    Great, great idea. I didn't think it would actually be useful, just kinda neat, but it's definitely actually effective. My main gripe is with something you may not be able to control, which is pause. I have not yet found a way to have iTunes purely pause except by the dock icon. If you play a song and then switch playlists, all "pauses" turn into stops. Perhaps add a "/pause" command that does a true pause?

    # by Pags on 11/02/04 at 17:15:34

    Perhaps I should add that I don't expect to ever use any commands that require opening a new dialog with "/aitc" because that's just too much effort!

    # by Reikon on 11/02/04 at 19:35:57

    type /play while it's playing. It pasues it. lol and /aitc and entering pause works too, but you're too lazy for that!! lol thanks for the comments :)

    # by Pags on 11/06/04 at 20:39:13

    It pauses as long as you stay in the same playlist. It's really the same as clicking the big button. If you play from your library, then click on a different playlist and type /play it will actually stop instead of pause. The /aitc with a comma works because if you type /play after that it plays the same song no matter what.

    # by Reikon on 11/07/04 at 02:36:16

    Allright I'll fix that in the next update for you :) 3.8 coming soon

    # by on 11/10/04 at 20:02:12

    Great! And what about the song's names in the Alias? Is there a way to display it?

    # by Reikon on 11/11/04 at 07:25:23

    Not sure, you can try. I don't think it'll work though.

    # by Pags on 11/12/04 at 19:37:26

    Awesome change. I can't imagine ever switching to iChat if there's a community this tight here.

    # by Reikon on 11/12/04 at 19:57:56

    :) It's all good.

    # by Ben on 11/15/04 at 23:16:28

    Maybe I'm an idiot, but the countp and pinfo things dont work for me when I use the them in a chat(i.e. Like showing my friend how many songs are in my library)

    # by Reikon on 11/16/04 at 01:28:04

    countp is no longer in effect, for pinfo it's now /pinfo{playlistname}

    for example...


    will return info about your playlist named "Library"'s NOT case sensitive. Hope that helps, if you need any more help, go ahead and IM me. :)

    # by Ben on 11/16/04 at 20:55:11

    Ahh thanks I didnt put it in the ()'s

    # by Reikon on 11/17/04 at 13:04:54

    :) np man and thanks

    # by nightsjoker on 12/08/04 at 09:50:31


    but how come it stops working after awhile?
    I tried using /a1-/a8 and all different commands..not working. and I have /a8 on my away message

    or am I not suppose to put away on mute and disable event notification??

    # by nightsjoker on 12/08/04 at 10:05:25

    never mind about the previous comment about not working ::blushing:: my bad. i just found out why.

    # by Reikon on 12/08/04 at 19:33:35

    No worries, sorry I didn't reply faster lol :)

    # by on 12/11/04 at 04:41:17

    Great , the only thing i didnt like was it jumps to the main adium window after a command

    # by on 12/17/04 at 22:20:21

    Ok I feel really stupid. I completely don't get how this works. Can some one explain and show me how to work it pleasies?

    # by Reikon on 12/19/04 at 01:35:36

    Download Adium (for mac os x only) at and then download this and install it (double click the files) Type one of the commands into your message field (/play, /next, /back, /random, /stop, etc.)

    or type /aitc for the main script and enter the command there. (you can view help for the commands)

    # by on 01/13/05 at 00:17:48

    So is there a commane that shows other buddies what song you are currently listening to?

    # by Reikon on 01/13/05 at 08:56:11

    Theres 9. (/a1, /a2, /a3, /a4, /a5, /a6, /a7, /a8, /a0)

    And /a0 chooses a random announcer from about 20, I believe.

    # by on 01/22/05 at 18:28:13

    Can you control cue/review?
    Like in iTunes when you hit Cmnd/opt/Right arrow and it skips forward 5 secs.
    This would be a great app for me if it could.

    # by Reikon on 01/22/05 at 20:14:48

    I'll see what I can do... :)

    # by Fan on 01/23/05 at 11:38:42

    I don't get it at all. Sorry. Where is the "controller"? What makes typing scripts easier than controlling iTunes in the traditional way with a click or two?

    # by Fan on 01/23/05 at 11:41:31

    ...and when I finally found the scripts in the menu bar, they were greyed out...

    # by Anonymous on 01/23/05 at 14:05:26

    When using /aitc, then executing "Help", selecting "iTunes", the help window will appear showing some things that according to this are already outdated (and won't work).
    And if I press "Cancel" on that screen, I'll get another Info dialog that can't be closed and is blocking that I have to go the hard way terminating Adium.

    # by Fan on 01/23/05 at 14:05:31

    I don't get it at all. Sorry. Where is the "controller"? What makes typing scripts easier than controlling iTunes in the traditional way with a click or two?

    # by Reikon on 01/23/05 at 14:56:51

    I updated the binary again. As for the scripts being grayed out, I don't have this problem. However I do have the problem with the Help in the iTunes commands. Those commands are not outdated...and I'm not sure how to fix this problem, other than pressing "OK" instead. I used a default dialog, meaning I didn't specify buttons (because it wouldn't let me) and therefore I cannot edit it to remove cancel, etc.

    # by jesusfish on 01/25/05 at 06:34:01

    nice icon...could it be made into a dock icon? :D

    # by Reikon on 01/25/05 at 16:50:16

    Yeah maybe...IF anyone had some Ideas about the animation, etc. :)

    # by on 01/26/05 at 05:01:09

    um... why not just run you control:tunes from sits in my menu bar, access to my entire library, full control, no crashes, no text input, don't have to be in adium, and it rocks... too glitchy, i'm sure it will get better...

    # by fortheicon on 01/31/05 at 21:32:52

    - scratching for connecting
    - waving hands when new message is received
    ...any ideas for the rest?

    # by Kidwitch on 03/27/05 at 20:25:46

    I adore this program. Really adore it. I only really use it to skip songs or artists but its a lot more convinient then opening a program and going through it to switch songs. I don't get some of the controls or they don't work when I type them into my chat box on adium. =? Awesome nevertheless.

    # by Reikon on 03/28/05 at 04:31:39

    Which controls? Some of them only work if you type them in the box that pops up with /aitc. The ones without "/"'s in the command list, that is.

    # by on 04/02/05 at 22:08:05

    When I double click the script to install it I get this error message: "Could not run the script "applet" because of a program error." I don't know why I got this message and I am really bummed because this script looked very cool. :(

    # by Reikon on 04/03/05 at 06:57:10

    I'll fix that for you man. (I'll see if I can include the files with it, so you can manually install of all else fails.)

    # by Reikon on 04/03/05 at 07:24:10

    Allright, I ditched the installer, so you chould be able to just select all the files and double click one of them to install. Sorry for the trouble. (and sorry to those who e-mailed me as well)

    # by on 04/06/05 at 03:15:03

    I can't seem to find where to get the interface to come up. I have installed the scripts as specified in the installation documentation and restarted adium. Where am I going wrong?

    # by Reikon on 04/06/05 at 09:28:36

    You're not typing /aitc ?

    # by j00r Mom on 04/07/05 at 00:24:33

    Well... i just found a glitch, but i don't know if it does it for everyone.

    When i press 'cancel' instead of 'okay,' the window goes away then comes back right away but i can't move it or press any buttons anymore. I had to force quit to get rid of them.

    # by Reikon on 04/07/05 at 16:11:43

    That's a glitch in Adium.

    # by yoyoyoyo on 04/09/05 at 12:45:49

    is Reikon there?

    # by Anonymous on 04/20/05 at 20:21:21

    How do I use the build announcer feature?

    # by Reikon on 04/20/05 at 20:38:16

    It's described in the Read Me.

    # by GCK'89 on 06/14/05 at 15:01:10

    No shit, ownage :D! 5 ducks for sure.

    # by on 06/18/05 at 13:07:47

    i don't really see the use for this script, why not just use like icontrol or something that can be accesible fomr the finder?
    im confused

    # by on 06/24/05 at 21:32:33

    Don't you think /p would be easier for play/pause? Something that would be nice to implement in the script definately.

    I love this script, so handy!

    # by Reikon on 07/14/05 at 20:12:02

    It would be considered. But using /p would cause all other scripts that began with /p to not work. Such as /pinfo, etc. Last I checked anyway.

    # by on 07/21/05 at 02:27:20

    I admit that I never use the /aitc functions, but I happily use /music as my away message to make everyone ask what program I'm using. I also occasionally use /pause and /play. The thing is, I use iTunes as its "controller" (press the green button) and can click all the buttons without switching apps.

    # by zaudragon on 07/25/05 at 02:20:08

    OK I was just checking competition in using /pinfo ;)
    Something weird: for /pinfo I get:
    [ Pink Floyd ] [ 152 songs ] [ 16:03:00 total time ] [ 1.29 GB ]
    While with /tinfo I get:
    02 days 10 hours 07 minutes 43 seconds

    Good luck in fixing that!

    # by Reikon on 07/25/05 at 02:24:02

    It is not incorrect. /tinfo returns the time you've spent listening to the music. Not how much time the music takes up total. You've spent 2 days, 10 hours worth listening to pink floyd.

    # by zaudragon on 07/25/05 at 02:53:42

    Wow, that’s cool… I finally get what it does ;)
    And you should rename your scripts .AdiumScripts to avoid any mishaps caused on Case Sensitive HFS+.

    # by Reikon on 07/25/05 at 02:58:10

    Allrighty. I'll remember to do that in the next update. Thanks :)

    # by ourlastgoodbye on 10/02/05 at 20:33:45

    At times the "/g2s{song}" command stops working after a little while, is that my own fault, or do I need to enter something else? Thank you.

    # by Reikon on 10/02/05 at 22:12:16

    If it stops working, try /play then /g2s{song} or /g2p{playlistname} then /g2s{song}

    # by pren on 12/30/05 at 04:40:34

    I downloaded it/installed it, but i don't know how to get the control - box to open up so I can type in the command for the itunes.
    Thanks you.

    # by Reikon on 12/31/05 at 15:51:42


    If that doesn't work, get back to me and I'll have to try and fix the script.

    # by lazymazy on 03/19/06 at 15:55:14

    I got this because I don't like having to go back to iTunes to pause or change songs. Playing, pausing, and next song work fine for me. However, I don't see what's on your screenshot (I don't get an "enter command" box)...running /aitc does nothing for me. Also, most of the commands (e.g. a2) will start a creepy, slow computer voice talking to me (it's too slow for me to deciper what it's saying)...and will only shut off if I quit Adium. Do you know what's going on?

    # by Reikon on 04/04/06 at 02:40:52

    Probably has something to do with Adium switching to use an external application to run AppleScripts. I'll see if I can fix it...and the creepy voice is just...weird.

    # by number7 on 11/21/06 at 18:01:13

    I just don't get it
    call me a noob whatever command I give in my chat window it doens't do shit
    allthough I knwo I installed it properly

    # by killercatfish on 01/08/09 at 21:05:36

    I thought it sounded like I could control my other computer on my networks Itunes from this script? Example: I use my laptop but have my mac mini hooked to tv and radio, and would like not to have to screen share to control the itunes running off the mac mini which is sharing the library on my macbook.


    Great Script!

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