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Submitted By Jathan McCollum (jathanism)


Generates a random Jack Handy quote (of SNL fame).


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# by Dylan1077 on 04/15/05 at 22:40:00

hahah. nice.

# by Jin597 on 04/17/05 at 04:37:14

So how do you activate this one???

# by Dave on 04/17/05 at 20:16:52

Script isn't working. Downloaded with no extension, and when the extension is changed to .adiumscripts and installed, the command is not listed under the "Insert Script" menu.

# by jathanism on 04/17/05 at 23:42:17

Strange. I tested and I had the same problem. You have to add a .zip to the filename and then proceed as usual. I think there might be a problem with how it was added to the site, because I initially provided a .zip file. I'll see if I can get it fixed.

# by Dave on 04/18/05 at 21:35:05

Adding the .zip worked, but I did find a problem with one quote:

"fe I want to come back as a parrot, because I already know quite a few words."

Not sure what that fe is about, so make sure you edit that in the next ver. :)

# by on 04/19/05 at 01:37:31

Awesome Awesome Awesome

# by Hot Aussie Man on 04/24/05 at 15:17:20


plz add me to ur AdiumX


# by on 07/13/05 at 03:24:08

(type /jack if u didn't read the README >.

# by jathanism on 01/07/08 at 17:59:15

Hello friends! I have confirmed that this plugin works in Adium 1.2.

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Current Version: 0.1
Last Updated: 04/17/05
Thanks to Google for helpin' find the quotes!