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Submitted By David (youkillmymind)


The "Simple" theme from Adium 0.7.x disappears when you upgrade to 0.8. This is it! This version will show each message separately instead of combining consecutive messages.


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# by on 05/05/05 at 01:00:21

Thank You !!!! I had reverted back to 0.77 because I missed this message style. Call me old fashioned, but its beautiful!!!

# by on 05/05/05 at 16:56:52

Thank you! I was *about* to revert, but was pointed here by The_Tick on #adium. :)

# by on 05/05/05 at 17:44:01

Woohoo! I missed this style. This is bread and butter beauty.

# by on 05/06/05 at 02:45:15

Finally! Wow, this was my absolute favorite style, and I was so sad when I couldn't find it anymore! Thank you SO MUCH!

# by luis on 05/07/05 at 22:06:53

Ah, yes.

This style, btw, differs from the other one called "Simplicity" for 0.8x in its behavior with adjacent lines from the same user. Look at the lines for "Evan" in the screenshot: you'll note that when Evan talks twice in a row, you get his name on both interventions. In the other style, you just get it in the first.

This one's behavior is what I want, for sure.

# by mke on 05/17/05 at 06:35:26

to luis: you're wrong. adium 0.7x had an option that allowed users to separate consecutive lines (or rather, not combine consecutive lines) from the same user. Adium 0.8x does not have this feature any more. I wonder which bright dev took that out...

# by on 05/17/05 at 21:36:21

I love it! Will it be updated so that highlighting won't be screwy when the cursor is near the (Time) Alias area? Thanks!

# by Krista on 06/28/05 at 17:26:41

Love this, what about more colors?

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The Adium Team produced this, I just extracted it and edited the info.plist file : ) ....Thanks also to Son Of A Preacher Man in the forums for the hint on how to separate messages.