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Tiger Blue

Tiger Blue

Submitted By Benjamin Daines (benjamindaines)


Makes Group bubbles match the apple.



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# by zaudragon on 05/08/05 at 20:21:27

Hmmmm? isn't buddy spelleg "buddy" and not "buddie?"
Very cool looking.

# by Benjamindaines on 05/08/05 at 20:32:48

lol im such a idiot

# by on 05/12/05 at 00:36:24

Isn't spelled spelled "spelled" and now "spelleg"?


# by on 05/12/05 at 00:36:57

And now should be "not" and not "now". :D

# by on 06/10/05 at 00:48:31

That was an extremely humorous little conversation. Keep up the good spelling. =)

# by on 06/10/05 at 00:54:44

o dont worrie i will

# by strawberries on 06/16/05 at 07:48:16

"worrie" becomes "worry" and "dont" becomes "don't"

# by TBone on 06/19/05 at 11:07:28

Rotfl this is the best conversation i've ever read...

# by on 06/20/05 at 16:09:40

You should also have used 'spelt' instead of spelled, Poopsicle. :-D

# by Nate on 07/04/05 at 22:20:42

"Spelt" is chiefly British. "Spelled" was correct if Poopsicle is American.

# by on 07/05/05 at 07:59:34

Err... Good work anyway. :P

# by j0nkatz on 08/02/05 at 10:07:41

Rotfl should be ROFL. Should be all caps and the t in the is not needed.

# by xiamcitizen on 10/02/05 at 19:29:23

Nate, way to change tenses in the middle of a sentence. ;-)

# by farfromnormal127 on 12/31/05 at 00:44:28

Haha, some of you guys couldn't spell if you even tried. First of all, the word "spelled" is pronounced and used the same way that I just did it. Second of all, the word "worry" is spelled exactly as I just spelled it, as is the word "don't". Third of all, the word "now" is spelled exactly as I just spelled it, as is the word "not" (and they should stay the way they are). And finally, the word "buddie," referring to a "buddie list" is spelled exactly as I just spelled it! Now that you have all been taught a quality grammar lesson, I hope that I will not have to correct you all again. : )

Thank you for your time,

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