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Somatic (.8)

Somatic (.8)

Submitted By Jerome Eno (x978x)


Somatic gems for .8, ported by my friend



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# by Kreamy on 05/10/05 at 12:02:04

Smashing :D just what i needed

# by Boramor on 05/11/05 at 17:29:23

I ported this to 0.8 a long long time ago.

# by nanovivid on 05/12/05 at 10:25:33

I sent Jerome an email but never got a response so I'm posting this here... Just FYI, I was the one who ported the Somatic Dots from Dave Lanham's theme to Adium (and got his permission). I have a slightly nicer version on my site at I was planning to put them up once the Xtras site is updated to allow status and service icons, so it'd be cool if you could pull these. Thanks! :-)

# by Boramor on 05/12/05 at 16:20:39

Cool Nanovid,
Now I finally know who made them. Because I have been looking all over for you.

Anyways, I ported them for 0.8 from the 0.77 version for my numerous contact lists.


# by peipeic on 05/17/05 at 10:19:44

yeah!! i love it!!!! it is wat i want!!!!!

# by Jason on 06/11/05 at 12:42:38

Very very great!

# by Gorian on 07/14/05 at 17:10:27

I love those icons but they cause a weird bug. They prevent changing my status in the contact list dropdown and also in the custom away message window. Any way to fix the pack?

# by Disabler on 11/30/05 at 00:13:48

Same problem over here, Gorian. When I try, my computer lags for about 2 seconds and doesn't do anything. Other than that, these are my favorite status icons! They look good with about any message style.

# by Disabler on 12/04/05 at 01:56:21

I'm also having a lag when I switch to Somatic Status Icons in Preferences: Appearance. I think the problem is in the .plist file.

# by Disabler on 12/04/05 at 03:09:56

Yep. Sorry about commenting over and over again. I've fixed all the bugs I can remember and cut the file-size in-half. If you ever read this, here's my version:
If you don't read this, I might as well submit that version.

# by vikking on 08/29/06 at 15:29:31

Thanks for the fixed version, because that bug with the dropdown menu began to annoy me :D. Very great!

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Jyll converted it for adium, that's all i know!