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Simpson Blackboard

Simpson Blackboard

Submitted By Nicola Del Monaco (ATMB)


Simpson Blackboard Style. Akbar font needed.
Download the Mac Version



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# by Kreamy on 05/10/05 at 12:18:49

It's hideous and i wan't to gouge my eyes out, otherwise, good job.

# by on 05/12/05 at 13:10:54

Yea, that was horrible. To much colour for a Mac user.. Tone it down a bit with more pleasant colours and it will be perfect!

# by Angel x0 on 06/10/05 at 01:26:00

You people need to learn how to spell before talking bad about someone else.

# by on 06/10/05 at 02:13:55

and you need to learn proper grammar before calling someone else out on their spelling.

# by ATMB on 06/10/05 at 09:33:42

o_o please stop flames...this is a download place :)

# by Anonymous on 07/10/05 at 16:56:05

maybe i just have bad taste but i kind of like it. nice job.

# by zaudragon on 07/10/05 at 17:44:28

Angel x0: itís British spelling! YOUíRE the wrong one :P
British spelling is mroe accurateÖ and Iím trying to use it, but itís awfully hard if you wrote in American all your life.

# by Somebody else on 07/15/05 at 21:07:32

wan't isn't correct in british either

# by ihaveabellybutton on 07/27/05 at 00:31:44

Where did u get ur thumbnail picture from?

# by ihaveabellybutton on 08/21/05 at 02:36:41

Can you give me some credit since you copied my icon?

# by ATMB on 08/21/05 at 09:44:54

Hi. I didn't copy your icon, I took Adiumy and used Google images to find a Bart image, then I photoshopped it into adiumy shirt.... :/ Why do you say I copied your icon???


# by rebelindent on 10/25/05 at 04:09:35

what font did u use in the example pic?

# by ATMB on 10/25/05 at 04:11:14

did you read the description? I told which font I used and where to download it...

# by rebelindent on 10/25/05 at 04:13:17

how do i make it look like the example

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