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Arkanoid 2

Arkanoid 2

Submitted By eLahraiRaH


"A long period of time passed… and the dimension controlling force "Doh" has again come back to life.

Occupying the huge spaceship "Xorg", it has entered our universe from a different Dimension.

"Mixtec", Arkanoid type spaceship, has launched the craft "Vaus 2" to make a preemptive attack on "Xorg"…"

These sounds were taken from the Taito arcade game Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh. IMO the best 'breakout' style game ever. The idea was that when you send messages back and forth it simulates the pings and pongs of ball rebounding. I hope you like it.

changes in 1.1

added a new, shorter "contact signs off" sound. The original sound is still in the package and is called "bossdisappears.aiff" in case you preferred the old sound.



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# by superjeremy3000 on 07/13/05 at 11:31:29

this is nice... i like it alot :D.. one thing i would improve on is making the buddy sign off sound a little shorter. i like it alot and am using it as i type!

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3.60 / 52 votes
Current Version: 1.1
Last Updated: 07/19/05
Originally from Taito's Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh (Arcade Version)