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Send Tune

Send Tune

Submitted By Félix Cloutier (Félix)


This script allows you to send the tune you're currently listening to with iTunes.

Just type in /sendtune, then the song you're listening to is sent to your active conversation's contact.

If, instead, you type in /sendzip, it will be compressed before being sent.

Remember that you MUST NOT share commercial music!

See my others XTras !
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1.1.1 — Fixed compatibility with Adium 1.2
1.1.2 — Fixed /sendzip to work


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# by ihaveabellybutton on 07/16/05 at 06:01:16

how about:

tell app "finder"
delete filename
end tell

# by ihaveabellybutton on 07/16/05 at 06:01:49

tell application "finder" to delete the_file

# by ihaveabellybutton on 07/16/05 at 06:06:40

Seems like it would work but file transfer never works for me on adium

# by Félix on 07/16/05 at 11:12:56

The problem with 'tell app "Finder" to del ...' is that it won't delete it at the end of the transfer.

# by here is what needs to be done on 07/16/05 at 15:46:51

i've found that saving stuff in the "/tmp/" folder works well. this folder is emptied on restart so it will be deleted automatically and requires no scripting :)

# by Félix on 07/16/05 at 17:14:40

I wasn't aware that it was flushed on restart, thanks for the tip :)
I'll fix it this night, now I'm not in an AppleScripting mood...

# by schinckel on 09/26/05 at 09:41:44

Glad to know my current conversation thing is starting to do the rounds ;)

# by Daniel on 03/06/06 at 12:10:11

Hi, Félix could you make an applescript that lowers the volume of iTunes when adium speaks e.g. tells me if there's a new email received or a contact comes online?

# by Daniel on 03/06/06 at 12:13:18

I mean not mutes the volume of the music, just lowers it so i can understand what adium says but also hear the music.

# by Daniel on 03/06/06 at 12:16:31

Like in Garageband when you're making a podcast. When you start speaking the background music fades you know.

(English is not my motherthung also :) sorry for any mistakes)

# by gaszefid on 04/08/06 at 11:08:06

LOVE IT. enough said. only one thing: this is going to be used to illegally transfer and share music, you realized that, right?

# by RCanine on 07/08/06 at 10:12:27

Using your line of reasoning, kitchen knives should be illegal because they can be used for stabbing people and pens should be illegal because they are used to write bad checks.

Tons of bands put their music on MySpace or other sites for free download. Lots of sites, have free music downloads:

Don't be a schill for the industry! Share *free* music however you can.

# by Some_Guy on 11/22/06 at 02:32:38

Sweet Xtra. Thankee.

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/11/07 at 00:02:04

THIS THING ROCKS!!!!! is fast, cool, fast and cool !!!! :S i love this 1000000 ducks out 5 xD

# by tasmanian_devil on 03/26/07 at 00:35:47

Hee Hee! I love it!! It's sooooooooooo useful!!

# by trebe on 08/19/07 at 03:43:43

QUITE usefull. Thanks a million

# by Kiko on 08/25/07 at 16:38:34

Tous simplement Genial, Thx a lot dude, great stuff.

# by januszeal on 09/26/07 at 17:11:03

Thanks. :D Much better then dragging the song to the desktop, then to the IM window.

# by foblover on 02/07/08 at 16:45:19

It doesnt work 4 me. They don't get the song when i type it in. Great job though.

# by Félix on 02/07/08 at 23:58:34

Do you see the file transfer in the transfer window? If you don't, I've done something wrong, otherwise it's not really my fault.

# by foblover on 02/08/08 at 14:29:39

yes, and im not saying its ur fault, im just saying that they dont recieve the song. Again, great job, and awesome idea!

# by dreamstosea on 04/16/08 at 04:23:55

anybody can tell me how compile it ,let it run for skype
who can tell me ,
thank u first

# by baterax on 06/19/08 at 22:55:07

When I use this, it send the same song to the person six times at once...
I just need it to send it ONCE lol!
Anyone got this problem?

# by kodora1316 on 07/28/08 at 21:01:19

When I try to send a song, it sends twice, not 6 times. Similar :)

# by Félix on 08/08/08 at 17:05:39

On which protocols do you get the problem?
Does it happen all the times?

# by superspammer on 09/18/08 at 22:26:02

I had the same issue, but it sends twice, and immediately claims that the other person cancelled, while on theirs it said that it failed...would be awesome if it worked....

# by Félix on 09/20/08 at 20:37:23

Looks like the problem comes from Adium's file transfer implementation. On which protocol (MSN, AIM, ...) do you get the problem? I might be able to try to reproduce the problem and file a bug report.

# by superspammer on 09/21/08 at 20:39:16

I am using aim

# by bittin on 10/04/08 at 22:10:34

Comes in handy :)

# by jhembach on 02/21/09 at 20:27:38

Similar problem to some of the above: mine always sends four copies of the track to contacts - any fix for this?

# by Félix on 02/21/09 at 20:29:46

I can't reproduce the bug. =/ Are you also using AIM and the latest version of Adium?

# by jhembach on 02/21/09 at 20:40:46

I'm using a few protocols, running v1.3.3. Might it have something to do with merged contacts? I thought it might have something to do with merged contacts (i.e. same person through different protocols), but it happens when trying to send to a single contact as well. Hmpf.

# by Félix on 02/21/09 at 21:44:53

Weird. Does it happen with every contact, or just a few ones?

# by jhembach on 02/21/09 at 21:46:35

Every contact I've tested with. I've tried removing and re-installing the script, restarting Adium, etc, but no luck.

# by Félix on 02/25/09 at 19:38:44

Sounds like an Adium bug. I've filed a report:
Would you mind if they contacted you to provide some informations?

# by jhembach on 02/26/09 at 00:28:20

Not at all, I'd be glad to help out.

# by hanzoh on 11/20/09 at 22:09:29

I also get this error, with 1.4b15 and "normal" single contacts. But it only sends 3 instead of the aforementioned 4 copies.

# by ben-xo on 01/07/10 at 14:54:40

I get this too - but with *7* (count 'em) copies on normal single contacts. This happens to be the same number of accounts as I have configured and connected in Adium.

# by hanzoh on 01/07/10 at 14:56:05

Now it makes sense! I have 3 accounts.

# by Félix on 01/08/10 at 04:19:50

Huh, that's a possibility.
That ticket I opened almost a year ago is still unanswered. I'll see if I can work around it.

# by Darthmat on 05/03/09 at 16:28:06

Beautiful. :)

# by westcoast021 on 07/25/09 at 06:37:34

so great. love it. thank you so much for this, this is something that i wish adium thought of a long time ago :) :)

# by macuser on 03/01/10 at 01:31:55

Hello, do you have any idea when it will work for yahoo ?

# by Félix on 03/01/10 at 01:34:53

Whenever file transfers will work on Yahoo!. It's on the Adium team you have to put pressure, not on me. ;)

# by stefan on 07/16/13 at 10:41:05

wow..good to share and listening music

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The send-to-the-current-conversation's-contact thing shamefully copied from schinckel's "Send Current iTunes Track"