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Submitted By gottacoppafeel


couldn't change the bubble colour for myself on ichadium so i modded it adding some preset variants and added a transblack header to compliment my dock darkened via cleardock. if you have any requests for more variants, send me the web colours you want for the bubbles and i'll add them to the next version :)



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# by dcentity2000 on 08/07/05 at 18:52:35


# by shaydre944 on 08/10/05 at 23:50:53

in ichat you can drop the icons and instead put the username/alias if you get sick of seeing the buddy icon/question mark. is it possible to try and do this ?

# by CaptainObvious on 08/11/05 at 00:02:13

Is there any way you could
a) fix the bubble border when a custom image is used
b) make some with black bubbles?

great work so far dude!

# by Daveecee on 08/11/05 at 02:26:30

Is shuffle supposed to bring up a random color for the incoming bubbles? Because on mine, when I set it to shuffle, the incoming are always white.

# by air__devil on 08/11/05 at 15:33:17

I have the same problem ad Daveecee. Or could it be that the shuffling only works within tabbed IMs? I don't like having the tabbed messages so if there is a way that each new window could be shuffled that would be pretty rad. Awesome mod though! Thanks! Love, Ev

# by Daveecee on 08/11/05 at 16:05:50

Nope, I always use tabbed IMs and it doesn't work in neither tabs nor seperate windows. That wouldn't really have anything to do with the problem anyway. This same shuffling bug is in the original iChadium theme, and also iChat clone. Not one of the iChat themes has a working shuffle.

# by gottacoppafeel on 08/11/05 at 16:37:19

i added a black vs smoke variant as a dark bubble theme was requested...
i tried to remove the incoming shuffle from the list of variants because as mentioned before it never works, but i'm not sure how...i tried removing the string from the info doc, but it resulted in the whole message view not working...
as for getting user names instead of icons, i don't know how to do that at all...
i can still fill requests for colours though, so feel free to request a custom combo (providing me with the exact web colours would be helpful though :D )

# by zaudragon on 08/16/05 at 04:20:38

CaptainObvous: the former is impossible; the whole bubble colouring is due to the CSS background-color option.

# by freepouille on 08/16/05 at 07:36:29

Thank you for your X(tras), just a small question how you have make to have the skin of your window in brushed metal and of this form thank you in advance

# by zaudragon on 08/20/05 at 03:55:20 Metal Adium
Have fun!

# by MeDiCiNe on 08/29/05 at 14:12:22

Can't seem to use custom background with it as they images have no transparently. Would be great to see transparently in the next release.

# by TheoW593 on 09/12/05 at 21:19:57

I want my own background, but it has these awful white bars around it, as shown here. l know l have to make something invisible, can you do something about this?

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 01/18/06 at 15:40:24

I second the fix background for custom image bit. I just switched over from iChat to Adium and the white box around the bubbles is really annoying me. I haven't found anything but iChat original that won't completely obstruct a background image (much) and still have readable text. None of the iChat clones seem to immitate the original perfectly in this respect.

# by ryantrip on 01/25/06 at 22:25:12

There is a bug I found. Adding something with a lot of text in it without spaces (such as urls), move the right boundary of the window. Here is a an image:

# by gottacoppafeel on 01/25/06 at 22:30:53

it's not really a bug...if someone would like to take over this message view and fix the bubbles so that a background can be used, as well as the url wrapping and perhaps add more variations, please go ahead...i only ask that you keep the header :)

# by jms1223 on 04/12/06 at 18:16:56

can you add a %status% call in your status.html and fix up the formatting for its display?---this way when someone goes away itll print out not only the time the event occurred, but the user's away message as well. also, 2 other requests--could you add "Autoreply from" when you get an autoreply from someone with an away message? also for whatever reason the incoming shuffle is just printing with all clear bubbles....

# by emiiillyy on 05/01/06 at 22:39:19

is it possible to have both mine and the incoming msgs shuffle? If not.. I would like a aqua and purple bubbles.

# by gottacoppafeel on 05/06/06 at 04:02:07

i'll add the variant soon...remind me :) a little busy lately

# by gottacoppafeel on 05/06/06 at 14:23:04

added your request...just pending approval :)

# by gottacoppafeel on 05/06/06 at 14:23:55

...that is the aqua vs purple request

# by kisekino on 07/21/06 at 13:20:55

hi! can i request for smoke vs power pink
or incoming shuffle??

thanks!! :D

# by zipper on 07/22/06 at 14:28:30

Can I request that you make it so you can change the color for the incoming and the outgoing, (like in iChat) and so thta you can display the names as well as the buddy icons? thanks! Works like a dream other then that!

# by POzen on 08/22/06 at 01:11:11

I'm running Adium X 1.0b9 and when chatting if either party enters more than one comment in a row only the first shows up in a bubble. All of the following comments are entered under a single, thin, black line... strange? If you've never seen this issue before, and you'd like to see it, I can send you a screenshot. In every previous version, it's worked perfectly... I've loved it.

# by bonniejonnie on 08/26/06 at 15:25:53

It was doing that to me in beta eight as well. Beta nine mentioned something about fixing display problems with many message styles, but this problem hasn't been fixed... for now I'm using iChat clone

# by beanya on 10/12/06 at 22:46:15

I read thr u all the comments - is there any way that the "Incoming Shuffle" option could ever be fixed??

# by jeffrocksthemic on 02/12/07 at 01:08:34

ok, this may be a stupid question, but when i downloaded the mod, i got the cool text bubbles, but i still have the dull borders. how do i get those classic metallic mac borders on my windows?

# by Hedicito on 07/29/07 at 02:52:02

Hi! very nice pack! How did you get your Adium window become "brushed metal"?

# by AudioFreak on 03/20/08 at 07:15:27

Many thanks for this addon! Is it possible to set a color for each contact in a conservation with more then 2 contacts? Because if they have the same color it's very hard to see who actually said something.
And it would be very great if you see a 'thinking-bubble' when somebody is typing a message, just like iChat.

# by Mimi on 05/10/09 at 22:29:10

Colors don't work with Adium 1.3.3 :(

# by dpatton777 on 10/02/09 at 18:12:36

I just discovered Adium and I was wanting it to look like iChat and I love the way iChadiumMod works -- with one exception. Is there a way to tweak the banner at the top of the message window that says "Conversation with (began )"? It's so dark that it blocks the top half of the first message. I actually like the banner, but I wish the first message started below it, or that the banner was either lighter or more translucent. Thanks for the great theme!

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