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Smooth Operator - EkDor Variant 1

Smooth Operator - EkDor Variant 1

Submitted By Brook Gerard (EkDor)


A direct variation on the "Smooth Operator" theme. It has alterations to font formatting, layout, and some image changes. A nice alternative to an already very usable theme. Credit to the original creator/s due!



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# by Dylan1077 on 09/03/05 at 01:30:14

i love this one

# by zaudragon on 09/03/05 at 20:31:41

Brad Smith did the original Smooth Operator.

# by violet on 09/14/05 at 05:46:26

This is my #1 favorite message style, but it's practically unusable for me as I have lots of MSN buddies who have long usernames, and their usernames 'spill' over into their message. If you could fix that somehow, I'd use this one forever! Thanks for putting it up. :)

# by bradfantin on 01/07/07 at 19:58:55

yeah same here, my contact list buddies have WAY to long names that get in the wat of wut they write, so if its fixable that would be awsome! same thign happens with the orriginal version

# by EkDor on 01/08/07 at 21:05:44

Sorry about the lack of response and that I havenít gotten onto this. But I no longer use Adium, nor do I know much about coding. I just did allot of trial and error to get the results I wanted; mostly changing values, making obvious code changes and graphics (graphics is where my skill is). So I doubt I will be making the changes youíre asking for. I understand it must be frustrating as I had this happening with just about every theme I liked.

If someone wants to take this out of my hands feel free to do so. I just recommend that you acknowledge the original artist who did the original theme. Perhaps just leave a comment here to let others know you have an improved next version of this under your own account and name etc. for those who do like this one.

Regards, Me aka EkDor @ Cubixel

# by greekgator on 02/26/07 at 11:27:41

This one is great. But it already came with the Adium I got. But instead of it being a gray backround it is a blue backround with the gray bubbles. Anyone know why? I did download this one for the grey backround though, but it is still blue

# by EkDor on 02/26/07 at 20:38:44

Possibly the one your talking about is the original that I edited to create this one. Was so long ago I forget what the original looked like exactly. But why your background stayed blue. Possibly because the file is linking to the wrong background image. Not sure if you were messing around with it (which is fun to do) Perhaps the link was changed. Or perhaps there was a conflict between the two similar themes. But then if I recall the resources were packaged separately which would suggest conflict wouldn't ordinarily happen. I don't know without looking at the situation personally, but I don't use Adium any more so keep trying. Perhaps you take a look into the package and have a look at what background is inside the one you downloaded.

Regards, Me aka EkDor @ Cubixel

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