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Umaro from Final Fantasy VI

Umaro from Final Fantasy VI

Submitted By Félix Cloutier (Félix)


It's Umaro from Final Fantasy VI. :D
Why him? He's one of my favorite characters, simply. Don't even bother ask why, I don't know either. :D

If you're all nice with me (which means you have to rate this Xtra 5 :P Nah just kiddin' :) ) and if I have some time, maybe I'll do an icon with each of the 14 main characters, but for now, I'll wait a bit to see if people like it. And keep in mind that if I do so, I'll do my favorites ones first, so if you're one of Cyan's fans, then you may try to make it yourself, you will have him within a shorter amount of time.
Kefka might have his own icon too, but he will probably the very last one. (What did you think? He's the villain...).

See my others XTras !
Please rate this Xtra as well!



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# by OmniGeno on 09/10/05 at 02:07:10

Haha, I never used him in the game much, but cool icon.

# by Kaiomai on 07/12/06 at 23:07:47


# by Kaiomai on 07/12/06 at 23:09:13

have you seen the FF1 icons? they uses different poses instead of little signs, its a bit more polished that way.

# by Turcle on 10/02/06 at 18:18:18

I love this icon!!! I want more of them, Gogo and Mog would be awesome

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