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halo2 Pwns

halo2 Pwns

Submitted By Jason Rapp (Thanatos)


made from the game halo 2, I also have halo 2 soundset.
when someone messages you and you are in a different app, the MC starts humping the Elite.



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# by kirk on 09/13/05 at 22:55:43

More screenshots, please?

# by Githon on 09/14/05 at 01:20:52

Uhh... something is amiss. I tried both "Install" and "Download" and they both resulted in a file called "halo2 hump.AdiumIcon". However, they both resulted in a dock icon that was just the Master Chief Adiumy ( getting blown up. Examination of the package contents confirmed that it was, in fact, all just Master Chief Adiumy icons.

Which is weird.

# by Thanatos on 09/14/05 at 02:44:40

Ok, my mistake, it is fixed now.

# by Githon on 09/16/05 at 04:47:14

I used the install link and in the "Show All Dock Icons" window I got a blank square.
However, I downloaded it, unzipped, and manually installed, and it worked perfect.

I dunno if that was just a funny snaffu in that particular install or not, but thought I should point it out.

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