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Submitted By Kevin Grabher (RAPMANkev)


It's a little bit like the other dot Mac Xtra.
But the icons are using in other actions.
And they are a little bit easier to understand.

I hope you will enjoy it.
I like it a lot and use it too,

What's new on 2.0 ?

1.) Changed a bug of some false images at the false action.
2.) Changed the bug, that the Xtra fully don't works.

There should be no more bugs now ;-)

Kevin, alias RAPMANkev



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# by RAPMANkev on 09/17/05 at 05:43:28

Hey people.

Tell me.
How do you like it ?

Kevin Grabher, alias RAPMANkev

# by Dylan1077 on 09/17/05 at 13:52:02


# by RAPMANkev on 09/17/05 at 14:45:13

@ Dylan

Intresting Comment ;-)


# by RAPMANkev on 09/20/05 at 15:11:25

Hey people.

132downloades now.
Never tought that it will be so much, before I made it.

If you have a wish, tell me.
Maybe I can make it possible...


# by Dylan1077 on 09/20/05 at 18:57:27

Hey....I wonder why there is a section on the side called 'Credits'.

What an insane concept of actually giving proper credit...

But why do that when you can just change the name and change an icon or two and and not mention the fact its an exact copy of mine with the exception of those parts...

It may be a little late to do anything now, but just think about it for the future, hm?

# by basmets on 06/22/06 at 05:43:09

i have no idea if this is true in the real download, but in the picture/image all the spelling is pretty much wrong.

# by RAPMANkev on 06/22/06 at 14:10:43

oh, lol, sorry for that.
Seems like I did ****
will maybe fix it by some time...


# by skidmarc on 05/01/07 at 20:00:08

KEV!!!! hey dude. as you know i've been too busy coding to play. sure as hell miss you guys.

that block in the upper-right is most likely written in php based on the address above. tell me what it is you are trying to do and where you want to use it. i can either rip something off the net, our forums or write it. of course the site you are integrating it into must be php based, at least the page you want to use it on. send me an address if you have one.


# by flawless1979 on 05/17/07 at 21:23:39

cool thanks

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Last Updated: 09/16/05
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Kevin Grabher