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Gizmo Project VoIP Plug-In

Gizmo Project VoIP Plug-In

Submitted By Jason Droege (jdroege)


Requires v85 of Adium

The Gizmo Project Plug-In for Adium allows Adium users to also access their contact list on Gizmo Project. The plug-in allows you to do everything within the Adium application that you can do with Gizmo Project.
  • Call other Gizmo Project users for free worldwide
  • Instant message Gizmo Project users
  • Make calls to the traditional phone network for as low as 1.8 cents per minute
  • Free voicemail

To get your Gizmo Project account, go to, download the software and sign-up. Once you have an account, you will be able to login using Adium.
    Installation instructions:
  1. Download and unzip
  2. Close Adium
  3. Double click unzipped file to install plug-in
  4. Open Adium
  5. Go to Adium -> Preferences...
  6. Go to Accounts Tab
  7. Click '+' and add 'Gizmo'
  8. Enter your Gizmo Project username and password
  9. Go to Status -> [Your Gizmo Project username] and select 'Available'

You should now be connected to Gizmo Project through Adium. If you have any issues or problems with this plug-in or Gizmo Project visit


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# by Catfish_Man on 10/25/05 at 22:34:57

Very cool :) Nice work

# by ajmas on 10/26/05 at 09:56:24

Just installed it and I noticed that the "Gizmo Project" item in the new account menu does not have a mini-icon. I think you really should add one.

# by revolution on 10/26/05 at 12:12:08

I agree, it would make it much more uniform with Adium, not to mention look better!! Other than that its great, Voice chat in Adium, whoop!!

# by jdroege on 10/26/05 at 13:01:57

We will do this. This is just the first version...

# by ajmas on 10/26/05 at 16:19:51

In the meantime I went ahead and created Aqua Plus, a modified version of the Aqua service icons to include the Gizmo icon:

# by dchoby98 on 10/26/05 at 21:11:41

This is excellent. Now I can IM anyone OR call their home phone from within Adium! :)

# by dchoby98 on 10/27/05 at 11:24:12

Unfortunately, using CallOut seems to fail completely for me -- crashing Adium in the process. Would anyone involved with the plugin like a crashlog or two?

# by jdroege on 10/27/05 at 11:49:54

Hmm...we have done testing here and it seems to work. When you enter numbers into your contact list, make sure you start US numbers with '1'. Sure, send crash logs to Thanks for the help.

# by dchoby98 on 11/12/05 at 19:20:30

As below, I think I've focused a lot of the problem I'm seeing down to this: my main account isn't an admin account, and Gizmo seems to crash when trying to write files that require admin access. This shouldn't be necessary anyhow.

# by michelebugliaro on 10/27/05 at 15:38:56

Good news! Could you implement VOIP Adium-wise (for all protocols)?

# by ajmas on 10/27/05 at 17:30:42

I have installed it, created myself an account (by downloading the official client) and I am now a little lost. Other than the extra account I can't work out how to make a call out. I wanted to test it by using the echo test number: 1-747-474-3246, Any help would be nice.

# by ajmas on 10/27/05 at 17:45:08

Hmm, either I was not looking before I restarted Adium or the entry only appeared after I restarted Adium. Either way I now see the phone number.

# by jdroege on 10/27/05 at 17:48:09

At the moment we only import information from Gizmo Project, buddies, contacts, etc. You would have to set up a buddy in Gizmo Project, then try (you can create phonebook entries of people on Gizmo or people with standard phone numbers). Let me know if theere's anything else I can help with. This is just version 1. We will have incremental updates over time to improve the feature set here.

# by MarsCleanR on 10/29/05 at 04:16:29

Is there any chance that this PlugIn recognize my default audio input/output device, as is set them in gizmo's preferences? is this possible with the version 1.1 (and i'm doing sth wrong..) or is this planed for later versions or isn't it planed at all (if so, why?) ?
thanx for any advice! nice work!


# by welly on 11/11/05 at 17:52:02

when you disconnect from your gizmo account in adium a file called t.txt created on the root of the machine ?
why is this ? what is this file ? - should this not be in application support if required ?

great plug in - needs some some minor bug fixes I believe

Cant tell who is calling you - no name appears ?
Does not auto connect on launch
No dial pad window without calling someone ?

# by dchoby98 on 11/12/05 at 19:19:30

I don't get the t.txt file on my machine, but I bet that explains the crash I keep seeing when disconnecting my Gizmo account: it tries to create the file, but because I'm not Admin, it can't. I think the plugin assumes a bit too much about what permissions users have!

# by welly on 11/13/05 at 16:46:16

Sounds about right , but if it needs to create this it should be in user> libary > application support >gizmoplugin(or whatever)>t.txt - then it would be fine putting anything on the root is bad practice and I would like to know what the file is ? for starters !

# by networkGeek on 01/18/06 at 12:02:04

It actually looks like the voip packet data itself. I'm not sure if it contains the voice samples of some kind of jitter/delay samples. The file grows when a call is made. Must be a leftover from testing/debugging.

# by brianru on 11/28/05 at 22:34:25

Is it possible to have audio conferences with multiple people using this plugin? Also, it would helpful if you can choose audio or text when you double click a gizmo contact.

# by jdroege on 01/09/06 at 17:11:33

these changes are coming in the future.

# by Deeeep on 12/31/05 at 04:24:10

Can you make an option to show the "offline" Gizmo clients also... Since you can use this also to add sip clients using sip:URIs and they do may not have a presence defined... It is a hassle to keep all your offline clients visible (scroll scroll scroll) and if you don't then the sip:URIs are not visible...

# by Deeeep on 12/31/05 at 10:14:28

the log on automatically at start does not work... I have to manually log in...

# by jdroege on 01/09/06 at 17:11:12

this happens sometimes. once the plug-in architecture for adium solidifies a bit more, we will refine development of the gizmo plug-in. thanks...

# by imlazar on 01/09/06 at 15:45:44

Hi all, I just installed Adium for the first time and used it to successfuly connect to Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Jabber. I then shut it down and installed the Gizmo plug-in, then restarted it.

As soon as I configure a Gizmo account the Adium program crashes.

I'm on a Powerbook G4 running the latest version of Tiger. What should I do?

# by jdroege on 01/09/06 at 17:10:12

are you running v85? The problem we were having was that the plug-in architecture for adium was not as plug-in-able as we would have liked, so we are waiting for v1.0 and hope that will work with the plug-in without us rebuilding for every new build of adium.

# by imlazar on 01/09/06 at 17:31:00

Hi, I'm running v87.

# by imlazar on 01/09/06 at 17:30:41

Hi, I'm running v87.

# by welly on 01/11/06 at 06:20:10

I have set the gizmo account to connect on launch (like my other accounts) but it never does and so I tend to forget to connect with gizmo, which makes it worthless ? anyone else have this problem

# by mikeall on 01/15/06 at 02:11:04

Yeah same here. Hence I have reverted to using the full Gizmo app until this is fixed.

# by danaleighton on 01/15/06 at 18:15:47

Running .87 Adium. The plugin never completes its connection to Gizmo Project. The Gizmo client works fine. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling twice. Guess I'll be waiting for an update... Any other ideas?

PB G4 - 10.4.3

# by imlazar on 01/25/06 at 15:06:51

I just tried it again with v88 and it causes Adium to completely crash when it tries to log me into my Gizmo account. I'm running it on 10.4.4 - PowerBook G4.

# by nargilamonster on 01/25/06 at 21:42:17

any clues as to how to check voicemail?

# by emalyse on 03/06/06 at 16:14:46

This was working fine for me but having updated Adium (v.89)it now crashes Adium as soon as all my Gizmo contacts appear. I'm on OS X 10.3.9, G4 Mac mini.

# by pjnorthco on 03/15/06 at 00:25:53

This seems like it would be an awesome plugin, but I can't seem to get it to work. it loads my Gizmo account and contacts, but the call never works, nor do I see how you would call to a non-gizmo number. Is there a readme?
I look forward to the updates, I can see how this will rock!

# by jolit on 03/23/06 at 16:53:38

I hope there WILL be some update, as the version 1.1 looks pretty old and is completely unusable with the latest Adium. Having something functional would be a real treat. Can't wait to hear from the authors about something coming up.

# by alduleimi on 03/28/06 at 07:15:11

I don't know if i am missing something here i have 0.89, just installed the plug-in started adium but i can't find gizmo account in the add acount list !!

# by Shark!! on 04/06/06 at 16:19:39

I dont understand it i cant add contacts

# by Adium4All on 04/09/06 at 07:01:09

I've iMac Intel OS X 10.4.6

I can't use Gizmo in Adium... I can't add an account :-/

# by Adium4All on 04/11/06 at 07:19:35

2006-04-11 13:11:58.812 Adium[237] *** -[NSBundle load]: Error loading code /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Gizmo.AdiumPlugin/Contents/MacOS/Gizmo for bundle /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Gizmo.AdiumPlugin, error code 2 (link edit error code 0, error number 0 ())
2006-04-11 13:11:58.812 Adium[237] Failed to obtain principal class from plugin "Gizmo.AdiumPlugin" ("/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Gizmo.AdiumPlugin")!
2006-04-11 13:11:58.812 Adium[237] Failed to initialize Plugin "Gizmo.AdiumPlugin" ("/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Gizmo.AdiumPlugin")!

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 04/12/06 at 20:12:58

Ultra sweet. It is buggy now, and certain aspects annoy me (Not being able to add contacts directly through Adium, all contacts being invisible, not being able to see the amount of money I have left on my account, no automatic logon... etc.) but this more than makes up for it with other features. I live in a college dorm where they charge $100 for a phone line in my room for a year. I almost never use a phone, so I didn't sign up for this (neither did my room mate.) Anyway, this pretty much solves my problem mwith a phone line. If I decide the $3 a month for incoming calls is worth it. Otherwise, it still works nice as a source for the few outgoing calls I make.

# by cloudstrife on 04/18/06 at 00:57:44

it didn't work on my 17 inch 1.83GHz iMac intel core-duo. great idea tho i wonder whats wrong because most of the other extras i've downloaded have worked great. i have tiger and the latest version of adium...

# by cajetanus on 04/19/06 at 09:02:46

Doesn't work on Intel Macs it seems. It is a ppc plug-in, so it seems like it doesn't register with the app.

Is the source code available? I could compile a Universal Binary...

# by evands on 04/25/06 at 23:59:23

You'll need to Get Info on the Adium application and force it to run within Rosetta in order to use this PPC plug-in for now.

# by tmaromine on 04/23/06 at 15:43:04

I have Adium v0.89; I installed the plug in via the 'Install' at top so it would go straight to Adium, and then it successfully installed. I closed it like it said, then went to reopen it. I clicked the 'User' that you can optionally be asked, and after clicking that I then get a window asking whether I want the plug in enabled or disabled, but I cant click anything because in 3 seconds Adium crashes!??

# by neliasen on 06/07/06 at 06:13:45

Do anyone knows whether the code for this Xtra is dependent on the file-system being case-insensitive ???? Anyhow... I cannot get this one to work, and as I have a case-sensitive file-system i _think_ that is the case....


# by ciprol on 07/05/06 at 19:35:38

I don't think this works with Adium 1.0beta. The new beta has SIP protocol included. Does anyone know the server to use for Gizmo?

# by ihartley on 07/13/06 at 03:43:43

New version should hit in the next week. Will be universal and all that goodness. Support for a default double click action and ability to show offline contacts as well as sorting people into groups as defined in the Gizmo Project application. Any other features/improvements you guys want?

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 07/30/06 at 09:48:05

The ability to add contacts within Adium instead of needing to open up Gizmo Project separately. That's a big one and will get you off to a good start. Most other stuff can wait.

# by skyfaller on 07/27/06 at 11:53:56

I think we mostly want a new version that works with Adium 1.0 ;-) Anything more than that is just icing on the cake.

# by yisraeldov on 08/10/06 at 04:25:14

what is the status on this ...

"New version should hit in the next week." that was almost a month ago ...

# by ravijo on 08/24/06 at 20:39:04

How are we doing with this plugin?

# by daemon on 10/15/06 at 00:05:52

Any progress on this? Would be really great to have a version that worked with Adium 1.0 and with Gizmo for LJTalk too...

# by BlackDalek on 10/31/06 at 07:57:23

Yes, Isn't it time there was a compatible version for Adium 0.89 even?

# by Mdaitzman on 02/04/07 at 02:29:14

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd be prepared to make a donation to help get this done.

So - how much do we have to ante up with to make it happen?

# by madmarchie on 02/04/07 at 03:10:59

Version 1.0 is out and the plug-in API should be stable. How long till the Gizmo plug-in is ready?

# by bikefridaywalter on 02/05/07 at 15:28:37

as far as i understood, this was developed by gizmo. read above:

"If you have any issues or problems with this plug-in [...] visit"

and in my communication with them, they didn't seem particularly concerned about helping out with some other client.

here's hoping..

meanwhile, at least i can accept IM's from gizmo on adium. :/

# by bikefridaywalter on 02/05/07 at 15:34:03

maybe i was wrong. according to the gizmo forum they seem to be interested in developing a solution for 1.0.

# by rptb1 on 06/08/07 at 10:02:37

Can anyone tell me why download is currently forbidden?

# by gbraad on 10/12/07 at 06:09:20

hopefully soon a new release of this plugin will be released?! *sighs* :-/

# by stitevs on 04/26/08 at 05:26:16

it doesnt work.. i cant download it... why??? pls 4 help...

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