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R2D2 Sound Set

R2D2 Sound Set

Submitted By Joris de Vocht (dustylunchbox)


These are the sounds of R2D2 much needed for any starwars fan who uses adium.
(my first sound set so if anything wrong do tell)


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# by biglittledragoon on 10/15/05 at 12:47:13

This is NOT a Sound Set! The .txt file is totally improperly made!

# by zaudragon on 10/15/05 at 23:49:54

What .txt file? There are none; the only ones are .plist

# by dustylunchbox on 10/16/05 at 00:37:28

thanks for telling this being my first soundset i'm still really confused about the whole thing and learning everythign i think ive fixed it if not do tell.

# by dustylunchbox on 10/16/05 at 00:40:12

nope I dont think its fixed I just checked it out i'll have another look at it now.

# by dustylunchbox on 10/16/05 at 00:50:58

well i have absolutley no idea how to make soundsets. if anyone wants to teach me that'd be cool. but oh well

# by evands on 10/22/05 at 11:42:28

Looks good to me.

# by biglittledragoon on 10/22/05 at 15:09:47

Now, it looks good. ;-)
The only "problem" I see is that you have 10 sounds in your Sound Set, but only 7 with a command in your text file. Some users will miss the 3 others...

# by dustylunchbox on 10/24/05 at 03:46:48

yea i think you can still us them as individual sounds for those individual thoose extra three. because even tho i'm a big star wars fan i wouldnt just want r2d2 noises itd drive me insane so i just use a few of them(that being the reson i didnt intially have the commands

# by feccmester on 04/26/06 at 04:33:32


# by anewleaf on 09/01/07 at 05:06:54

hehe nice

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