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Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Submitted By Jomatotu


Sounds from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons...

-If your Contact went offline, Bugs Bunny says "godbieeeeee"
-If your Contact went online, Bugs Bunny says "oh you again"
-If you went online, Bugs Bunny says "knock knock, here i am"
-If there occured an Error, Bugs Bunny says "Gulp"

The Rest? It is too much for listing it all here and some of the sound you have to hear to understand and critizize.

This is my first Soundset...So be honest. I want to learn. And sorry for my bad english. I'm just a 15 year old student from Germany...


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# by Jing_Ta on 10/20/05 at 12:09:53

You shouldnt have said that you are not a native! i couldn't tell!

# by Jomatotu on 10/20/05 at 14:07:56

sorry...did you mean that you wouldn't notice, that english is my second language if I hadn't said?

# by frankiefrank25 on 02/19/06 at 11:35:51

of course we wouldn't. we cant hear u speak!

# by Jomatotu on 02/19/06 at 15:48:32

Lol this is great 'cause my English Teacher just gave me an F :D

# by frankiefrank25 on 02/20/06 at 11:20:57

ha ha
in my school we dont get those kind of grades.
u got an f, ha ha.

# by frankiefrank25 on 02/20/06 at 11:55:44

i mean i know ur from germany but bugs bunny's famous line is "whats up doc?" but u dont include that....why?
and this is just a suggestion, maybe u can put it for when u sign on.instead of "knock, knock i'm here" or whatever it is now

# by Jomatotu on 02/21/06 at 12:15:27

Ok I didn't know about the popularity of this line. If there is any time left i'll implent this

# by frankiefrank25 on 03/25/06 at 11:00:59

only 3 people are talking on this comment thing its not popular

# by NiñoScript on 05/02/06 at 22:35:30

hahaha, funny :D

(i agree, the "What's up Doc" should be there)
[btw, english is my second languaje too, im 16 and from Chile ;)]

# by frankiefrank25 on 06/11/06 at 18:03:20

hey guys,
well THIS conversation sure hasn't picked ^ in a while
sry i was usin a diff. comp. which didn't have adium so ya............
add the line!

# by rochelle on 01/05/07 at 09:47:20

Amazing job on the bugs bunny clips. It's kinds sad that you don't see looney tunes on tv anymore.

and if it makes you feel any better, i struggled with english myself, and i'm from Texas. I guess you could say english is a second language for me as well. my first is texan!

ya'll come back now ya hear!

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