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Address Book Tooltips Additions

Address Book Tooltips Additions

Submitted By Ofri Wolfus (ofri)


Address Book Tooltips Additions makes Adium display phone numbers and addresses in your tooltips for contacts who have associated AB cards.


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# by gottacoppafeel on 10/18/05 at 15:38:47

wicked idea, but the addresses don't align properly...mine looks like this:

Address: 123 Fake Street
Toronto, ON L1L 1L1

is there any way to align the "T" in toronto with the "1" in 123 Fake Street?

# by gottacoppafeel on 10/18/05 at 15:40:40

actually i couldn't accurately type it in my earlier message...the "A" in address is over and aligned with the last "o" in looks wonky

# by ofri on 10/18/05 at 16:54:49

I'll look into it.

# by zaudragon on 10/18/05 at 20:00:06

You could just do it this way:
123 Fake Street
Toronto, ON L1L 1L1

# by gottacoppafeel on 10/19/05 at 14:56:12

it still won't be like the rest of the tooltip...if your screen name goes two lines it aligns properly after the colon

# by The_Green_Duck on 03/14/06 at 15:30:14

a screenshot would be nice

# by benjamindaines on 04/06/06 at 21:25:56

Enjoyed it under .89, but it is incompatible with 1.0 (based on SVN). Just letting you know.

# by ofri on 04/10/06 at 08:55:25

What rev? I'm using 15649 and it works fine.

# by chadsinge on 01/26/09 at 17:13:53

Any chance you can sort this out for v. 1.3.1?

# by chadsinge on 01/26/09 at 17:14:24

Sorry, that should have been 1.3.3.

# by Crazy_Chucky on 07/06/06 at 06:23:34

For some reason it seems to work on most, but not all, of my contacts (out of those that have associated Address Book entries, obviously). Is anyone else having a similar problem?

# by Crazy_Chucky on 07/07/06 at 01:45:46

To elaborate some more... I'm now trying Address Book: Adium Actions ( too, and the same contacts fail to link correctly in both Xtras. If I try to IM one of these contacts from within Address Book, it opens an IM window to the correct screen name and with the correct alias, but the icon is "unknown," as if the user is not in my contact list. If I double click on the user in my contact list, I now have *two* tabs open to the exact same contact, but one is unknown and the other shows the correct status. (However, iChat seems to be communicating with Address Book correctly about the very same contacts; it displays their names and opens the right address cards.) I've tried deleting some of the cards and making them again just to see if it was some fluke, but for some reason some contacts just seem doomed to fail. I'd really like to find out what's causing this.

# by Crazy_Chucky on 07/10/06 at 05:03:13

Okay, the answer is actually maddeningly simple. In case anyone else has a similar problem, it can easily be fixed by just making sure all the screen names in your Address Book cards are all lower-case. Spaces might screw it up too, but I don't know since no one on my AIM buddy list puts spaces in their name.

Though it's really not any inconvenience once it's fixed, it would be nice if these extensions either a) supported capitalisation or b) made a note that they can't.

# by Batshua on 10/07/07 at 14:30:07

It's not working in newer versions (1.1.3).

# by me27 on 03/01/08 at 17:00:15

This is really handy, but almost none of my contacts are in my address book; how do I delete this? Sorry :(
By the way, if you use the time zone plugin for adium, only one of these works at a time.

# by chadsinge on 09/23/08 at 16:51:04

Any chance you can sort this out for v. 1.3.1?

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