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Submitted By William Cole (Crazycole2001)


The original stargate icon! Maybe it doesn't have the same pinash as the re-make, but it does have its elegance in its originality!
w00t! 300 Downloads!



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# by Ricky on 06/07/04 at 03:38:24

Nice! I was actually watching Stargate the movie this weekend after having seen the series and was thinking, hmm...the Stargate would make a nice Adium dock icon. Surprised that someone actually went ahead and made one, nice!

# by kigiri on 06/07/04 at 17:03:32

yes it's better now

# by on 06/24/04 at 06:05:06

I like the icon set alot but the "swirl" of the stargate is realy a bit jerky for comfort, any sign that might be improved sometime?

# by on 08/14/04 at 03:07:42

oh anyone who wants....I altered the icon set to include te coverstone to the stargate, email me if you want it....

# by ccsgraphic on 01/25/08 at 18:55:17

Someone forgot to close their <i> tag…

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