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Submitted By Sam Gwilym (SamGwilym)


For those of you who like to keep your screen estate and your contact list out the way, here is a super minimal 'BiteSize' contact list. Roughly the width of a thumbnail, BiteSize is minimal, out the way, but retains its function.
Sure, there aren't any status messages or icons. But those are a mere tooltip away anyway.

To really get the most out of this contact list, you might want to do the following:
  • Give all your contacts aliases (keep it short and simple ;))
  • Deselect 'Show groups' under View
  • Make sure that the Contact name format is just 'Alias'

  • This style also comes with the font Silkscreen, which at the size of 8 retains it's crystalline pixel nature - allowing the list to be small and legible.



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    # by Cortez on 12/01/05 at 13:34:12

    Where is the font Silkscreen?
    I like this list style.

    # by SamGwilym on 12/01/05 at 17:00:36

    It should be contained in the Xtra - if it doesn't work, try downloading it the traditional way and the font file will definitely be in there. :)

    # by kreamy on 12/22/05 at 03:51:41

    Fantastic theme :D 5 ducks for executing minimalism properly. Now, how do you make the group headings disappear *scratches head*

    # by SamGwilym on 12/22/05 at 11:53:04

    Go to View > Hide Groups. :)

    # by crazeeforadium on 02/05/06 at 13:45:47

    I use this theme and it's totally cooL! And if you wanna see the peoples status, put on the iChat status icons..they match perfectly!

    # by kangorillas on 02/20/07 at 06:36:58

    the backround image isn't included

    # by Stell on 07/30/09 at 20:29:19

    background image wasn't inclluded

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