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Easy on the Eyes

Easy on the Eyes

Submitted By Ellen McRae (emc2rae)


The title says it all. This theme makes it easy to see who's online, away, etc. in a glance. Each state is a pale version of the status icon associated with it (this was designed based on the Adiumy status icons, but it matches others as well). This results in a nice combination of colors too.

In new version: purple color added for "typing" status and groups are now blue.



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# by Félix on 01/30/06 at 15:01:10

I guess it was made to fit my Adiumy Status Icons? :)

The purple is just a little bit too flashy in my opinion.

# by emc2rae on 01/30/06 at 15:59:11

Aha! Yes, you're right. I love the Adiumy status icons, and I designed this to match them. I will mention that in the description. Thanks for the icons! As for the purple, I like it, but I won't be offended if you want to change it on yours.

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/14/07 at 00:04:13

i love this contact list style!! i use it all the time!! I still need emoticons (colored) and a dock icon too!! and maybe if u get time to make service icons.. that'd be nice- you don't hace to make these but these are an idea since i love ducks!!

# by Lode on 01/31/06 at 10:34:21

Easy on the eyse? Excuse me! :P
Maybe that, if you sorted all yout contacts by status, it would be a bit more clear... now I find it to be too overwhelming.
And I don't like the colors that much really... and use groupbubbles and add some more whitespace to make things more clear.

# by zaudragon on 02/01/06 at 01:57:18

Yeah, simply translucent black + grey names is what easy on the eyes is to me.

# by jadestorm on 02/12/06 at 19:34:45

I like it. Saves me from having to pull things out of the way to see the small status icon. I'm using normal list layout with user icons and I think it has a good look to it in that format. Anyway, appreciate the theme!

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