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iChat Adium

iChat Adium

Submitted By Benjamin Costello (Benjamin)



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# by mike on 05/31/04 at 02:05:43

slick..this is the one i use...:)

# by macfan on 06/15/04 at 17:24:11

nice...but i prefer this aChat one ( represents both Adium and iChat. (btw could someone post this on the xtras site? I think it needs to be converted though

# by michael on 11/13/05 at 11:55:38

Email me the aChat version (funmac's dead now) and I'll convert it and upload it. Provided you still have it on your HD somewhere that is....

# by on 07/26/04 at 19:00:17

I use this all the time and I really like it esp. seen as I don't like the whole duck thing much.

# by on 08/03/04 at 14:59:32

Very nice job with this one!

# by on 08/17/04 at 12:17:51

Nice! I love this icon! The only thing I can suggest is to change the idle flag on the icon. Your away flag is a little A in a red star, but the idle flag is still the standard Adium "idle on a pole" flag, which does not look right with this icon. Maybe you should change it to a little I in a red star, similar to the away flag? I think doing that would make this icon perfect.

# by on 12/11/04 at 16:38:24

I really like this dock icon... but have noticed that when I click it to open Adium, it changes back to the green duck temporarily, and then switches back to this icon again. Any suggestions on how I can keep the ugly duckling from showing his face?

# by daniel on 12/14/04 at 16:59:50

Yeah, that's right. You should change the idle flag and include an application icon, to copy onto the app. The Messenger-icon then will appear in dock even if Adium hasn't been started since you logged in. Besides that, you did a great job! I'm using it.

# by zenexo on 02/24/08 at 17:31:38

this is one is great, nice one

# by JazzJohannes on 04/02/08 at 12:41:42

I love it, finally a promising looking and professional dock icon (5 stars).

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