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Submitted By D L (mr_misanthropy)


Glossy, simple, dark... and light.


Added 2 new variants to GoneDark: Crimson & Steel.
Added new style called GoneDark Polarized, the albino brother of GoneDark.
GoneDark Polarized contains 5 themes: Arctic, Cosmos, Firelight, Margarita & Standard.
Added Service name to message window.
Fixed issue with long strings not wrapping to the next line.
Fixed the ability to change the background. Changing fonts still an issue.

Added 5 new variants: Cosmic, Delaware Punch, Lava Flow, Mutation, Standard & Undersea.
Each variant contains a non-gloss counterpart.

Added new header bar with incoming user icon.
Added No Gloss variant style.
Added generic incoming user icon.



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# by kirk on 02/04/06 at 00:13:45

Wow! That is beautiful! Great job.

# by 61Tipo61 on 02/04/06 at 09:36:39

Thats awesome, it's nice to see a fresh message style as well too

# by Brutal on 02/04/06 at 10:14:57

Could you make a minimalist version of this, without the glossiness?

# by mr_misanthropy on 02/08/06 at 20:22:36


# by dcentity2000 on 02/04/06 at 12:29:35

Awesome work!

# by paulwilde on 02/04/06 at 14:20:08

Ooooh. I don't tend to like message styles with dark backgrounds, but the style you've used for the names and the gloss makes me like this.

Maybe make a variant with buddy icons? :]

# by CorranQ on 05/04/08 at 23:35:46

Ditto on the coolness factor and on adding a buddy icon variant! That would rock!

# by R031E5 on 02/04/06 at 15:12:55

Oh my! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! I love how you combined the dark and the fresh styles!. Awesome!

# by br0seph on 02/04/06 at 16:03:26

i would like to see the background of this in a bigger size, maybe 1024x768 or 1680x1050 !! :)

# by br0seph on 02/04/06 at 16:16:04

actually, i think someone should take this to the next step and make matching contact list style and status icons to match!

# by Junpei on 02/07/06 at 05:35:58

I was thinking the same.

I wonder what a light version of this might look like?

# by mr_misanthropy on 02/07/06 at 11:36:35

I could do that too, it would have to be a complete negative of this one though, dark foreground contrasting the lighter background. Just a straight shift to a white/light background ruins the current asthetic of the theme. All these comments are great, I'll try and makes some color variants and a few different background sizes.

# by br0seph on 02/07/06 at 19:49:31

i think that message style could be done in a spotlight variant where the names and colored lines would be the spotlight blue gradient. then maybe a glossy white/silver spot for the text, and a maybe a glossy white background (think menubar). just some thoughts!!

# by KPDover on 02/16/06 at 15:47:07

This is gorgeous, but dark themes don't really go with my desktop. I'd love to see a light version too!

# by poofy on 02/05/06 at 00:08:59

This is amazing. I love it. Beautiful indeed.

# by Dylan1077 on 02/05/06 at 16:00:50

Really impressive, nice work man.

# by ward86 on 02/07/06 at 12:49:11

Beautiful message view style. My new favorite! Good work.

# by mathuaerknedam on 02/14/06 at 13:14:30


# by iTorrey on 02/16/06 at 13:07:01

Great work! I bet you're in the top 10 within a week.

# by Sharky517 on 02/16/06 at 23:48:41

this is spiffy and i like the new variants, but cant seem to change the font size

# by lordoftheoats on 02/17/06 at 01:49:05

This is a truly beautiful message style, and has quickly become my favourite. I understand that there is no shadow behind user names for the visual style, but I find that it is difficult to read the names as soon as they overlap the lighter parts of the background image. Please consider a very slight shading behind names in a future release (especially in the non-standard variants).

# by skyfallsin on 02/17/06 at 23:13:12

Awesome work!
I found a couple of bugs though:
1. I can't seem to change the font
2. Custom backgrounds don't work
3. Long messages are not displayed properly, it doesn't auto-wrap to the next line as should be expected
Besides these, nice!

# by serips on 02/18/06 at 02:12:00

I am using Mutation with the Grass style contact list and it looks damn good!

# by RAPMANkev on 02/18/06 at 14:05:52

Man, This MessageStyle is getting awesomer and awesomer, It would be great if you could make the name in to a line like in:


# by Cruciarius on 02/18/06 at 17:56:48

awesome msg style. the only thing preventing me from using it is it doesn't tell me which service i'm chatting with, like plastic does.

# by Cruciarius on 02/18/06 at 18:39:37

never mind. i edited the service into it and did a few other minor edits, to better fit my needs. amazing msg style. keep up the good work!

# by Jon on 02/21/06 at 02:55:39

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by Dumbledore132 on 02/21/06 at 12:55:32

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This is going in my permanent collection.

Just amazing.

# by shred on 02/21/06 at 16:13:34

When I wrie a msg, it goes black and I can't see it on the msg window..
Then I chcnaged it to white, but I can't see while writting?
What has to be done?

# by br0seph on 02/21/06 at 16:47:47

this happened to me. first, switch message styles. second, use finder and search for the gonedark message style and delete it. 3rd, reinstall the gonedark message style. 4th, set your message style back to GoneDark. This should solve your problem as it worked for me.

# by shred on 02/21/06 at 17:09:51

Thx, man.. That worked!
I think the message style has to be done with all msg windows closed.

The msg style is gorgeous! Thank you, David

# by mr_misanthropy on 02/22/06 at 11:40:54

Word to the wise: .53 should be sometime today. Lots of new things added. -David

# by michelebugliaro on 02/23/06 at 16:49:50

oh wow, impressive!!!!

# by Sempai-SK on 02/23/06 at 18:05:35

This is an absolutely wonderful theme and i love it to death!! The new colors are great and i dont mind the font bug - I just have one gripe. I find that when some people on my contact list have a really long user name aka "Chris -Oww, why is pain my constant companion today. Damn you bad luck!!- wow chem was awesome!" it falls out of the user bar at the top of the window, and drags on for a long time every time they would send a message. any ideas? short of creating new alias' for 150 people?

# by br0seph on 02/23/06 at 19:06:06

this is the best message style ever made, hands down

# by br0seph on 02/23/06 at 19:17:18

i would give this 10 ducks if i could

# by magnitique on 02/24/06 at 02:45:34

Can you let us know what file in the package to edit in order to change the message font?
I find that the default (I'm assuming Arial 11?) is too small; I usually use Helvetica 12.

# by mr_misanthropy on 02/24/06 at 11:42:45

In main.css, the style .content has the text properties, font-size: 11px; and font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

# by magnitique on 02/24/06 at 13:49:26

I tried modifying (1) main.css, (2) Info.plist (in the package) to change the font, but to no avail... would you have any other suggestions?

# by mr_misanthropy on 02/24/06 at 14:04:02

Close Adium, open the package in your ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Message Styles/ folder and make the modification to main.css and Info.plist. Relaunch Adium. If that doesn't work, try removing the font/font size from main.css. That should force Adium to use the fonts from the plist.

# by magnitique on 02/24/06 at 22:51:36

I tried that, funny thing is, I can change the font family, but I can't change font size.
Well, that's better than nothing, as I can change it to another font that looks larger even at the same 11pt.

# by Cruciarius on 02/26/06 at 16:10:11

.53 is awesome. great work.

# by Wylinx on 03/10/06 at 12:36:28

Simply wonderful. Great work !

# by Fr3nch on 04/16/06 at 01:05:10

This is really cool. Nice

# by hellmitre on 04/22/06 at 20:56:47

Do you have the images you used for the background themes so I could use them as desktops? If so, could you post them somewhere?

# by hellmitre on 04/22/06 at 21:04:04

Nevermind. I went into the package contents, and, lo and behold, there they were. Awesome backgrounds, by the way.

# by JShadow007 on 04/23/06 at 21:25:48

Awesome xtra--makes my chats much cooler to look at. 5/5

Any plans for a contact list theme?

# by Akurin on 04/24/06 at 05:32:35

yea this style is awesome!!! everyone i know (who are PC users *hiiiiiiissssss*) are like, "o that's SSSOOOOOOO COOOL!!!" and i say the power of macs or something.. anyways YOU ROCK!!! i found no bugs so its cool with me.

# by hotdancingtuna on 04/26/06 at 00:17:27

what are the default fonts...the ones used in the screenshot above, for both the message text and the screen names? i'd love to use them for my contact list to match the messages!

# by mr_misanthropy on 04/26/06 at 10:14:24

Trebuchet MS

# by Akurin on 04/26/06 at 05:05:01

most likely something in the lucida font family

# by egypturnash on 05/04/06 at 10:59:04

This is so sweet. I saw it in a screenshot a friend showed me and immediately went hunting for it!

# by Zhinjio on 05/28/06 at 22:43:21

I can confirm. I can't change fonts in this style either. If it weren't for that, I'd be using it 100% of the time. Please help.

# by Zhinjio on 05/28/06 at 23:25:26

Ok, I just removed all references to 'font' in the main.css, and I now have control over that. Its a temporary fix, but I figured you'd want to know.

# by MercuryGlitch on 09/28/06 at 00:25:48

Could you email me the edited main.css? I've tried removing all refs to Font and still have no control.

# by CJNeverWinter on 06/07/06 at 20:15:08

I've been using this message style for months. its the only one I'll ever need!

# by berkleebassist on 06/17/06 at 19:39:31

Fantastic message style! Cheers!

# by lolamione on 07/03/06 at 16:29:52

It looks absolutely stunning n_n

# by Vissequ on 07/23/06 at 02:08:14

This is very pretty! I love it. It reminds of Star Wars, but new and exciting.

# by Lunatic_Harness on 08/01/06 at 23:18:28

really awesome. im totally amazed with the look of this one. one question though, how do i get the header to look like that? other than that, i am very pleased, even if i can't change the font.

# by thetennisplayr on 08/04/06 at 11:12:47

WHOA! i was hesitant at first about this, but read that so many people said it's cool, and than saw that 15,000+ ppl have downloaded, had to say let me see what the fuss is about....the screen shots do not do it justice! congrats, and thanks!

# by JShadow007 on 08/16/06 at 18:05:22

Once again, big props for a great style. I'd be happier than a pig in mud if you were able to come up with a similar contact list style.

# by basmets on 08/17/06 at 03:13:19

I'm new to Adium, and I was wondering if you could tell me how I change the colors of the gonedark polarized. I really like another type, but don't know how. anyway,

# by trekie on 09/16/06 at 23:19:53

Any chance that you could do a variant with semi-transparent background colors? Lots of my friends use color/opposing color backgrounds... and its nice to see them.

Honestly, thats only something that'd be nice - Its AWEsome as is - already my message style

Also, a no-header style might be nice.. but again, no real problem

# by wootowl on 09/24/06 at 16:34:40

Awesome style, One comment though that I think will make it look 10X better:

Make the colors for each person (green/blue standard) be transparent.

As in, it displays the 2 people's names and underneath the name has a line (and then another line at the bottom of the message) .. make those names and those lines semi-transparent.

It would make the style 10X more awesome than it already is

# by michelebugliaro on 10/07/06 at 06:37:45

Best one I've seen so far.

# by suleiman on 10/20/06 at 02:39:19

How do I change the font color of my outgoing messages? they are all black and don't show up well. Other than that I love this theme..

# by acemtrx on 11/12/06 at 20:36:12

where can i get the jpeg for Lava Flow. I want to add it to my contact list to have it matches so it would be really sick.

# by ParanoidAndroid on 11/24/06 at 14:28:21

The JPEG can be found inside the package itself.

# by ParanoidAndroid on 11/24/06 at 14:21:53

This is really, really, amazing looking. It's evocative of many environments. Excellent work!

# by Daniel on 12/16/06 at 10:26:46

Great job! Beautiful, Precise yet it goes with most of the customizations I use :) !
Thank you! :)

# by Domino on 01/31/07 at 16:05:40

so cool!

# by Raptor007 on 02/05/07 at 08:07:35


# by Capella on 02/14/07 at 18:09:51

This is wonderful!

I do have questions for the creator. How did you create the beautiful .jpg images that form the base? Would you let people use them elsewhere (i.e. in a banner or icon) if credit for the initial image was given to you?

# by snowhite21887 on 03/17/07 at 01:24:49

hey! i absolutely love these backgrounds .. i was wondering .. is there a way that i can get the actuall backgrounds so i can put them as my wallpaper on my computer? just curious! : ) i am not planning on using them for anything else .. just to make my computer look awesome! lol! thanks!

# by lightxs on 03/28/07 at 23:35:10

Wow! I'm sorry if I'm not being very original, but it's BEAUTIFUL! It's my favourite! You're really good!

# by tasmanian_devil on 09/15/07 at 15:38:56

can u change the font? I like the old font better, i love the polarized one, it rocks!!

# by bassman92 on 11/07/07 at 01:23:31

hey i am new to adium and i was wonderin if there is anyway to make my head look like the in the example... if anyone has any suggestions especially mr_misanthropy. lemme know at

thanks amillion

# by mr_misanthropy on 06/11/08 at 15:29:40

It's been a while since I've been round these parts, feel like I need to followup with an update....

# by liljakie13 on 08/09/08 at 02:02:44

Hey, I would like to reiterate what other people said...great job. Could you maybe do a black and gold color variant? Keep up the good work!

# by Raptor007 on 10/16/08 at 21:10:25

Great style, still my favorite! I especially like the Polarized versions since it fits well with light-colored ShapeShifter themes and the default OS X theme.

Unfortunately, GoneDark Polarized is suffering from this Adium 1.3 scroll-to-top bug:

Any chance for an updated version of GoneDark Polarized? It seems like it may simply be a matter of declaring it as a v3 theme, though I haven't really investigated that.

# by funk1196 on 10/27/08 at 04:00:45

yep, polarized is bugged by scroll-to-top ...... hopefully it's fixed soon.
gonedark is the only message style that i find appealing....and i need those options of polarization! :P

# by LuHe on 08/04/10 at 03:26:44

I really like your theme that you've provided for Adium.
My application Series60-Remote, a Software Suite for mobile phones, also has a
Chat function and uses Adium-compatible themes.
Would you mind if i include your theme in this application?

It would be also great if you could release this theme as open source (gpl-compatible).

You can see some screenshots of other themes here:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

# by mr_misanthropy on 08/04/10 at 07:22:59

Thank you. You can use this theme however you see fit.

Looks like your other ports worked out well... go wild. :)

# by Organicbeing on 08/18/10 at 02:16:20

The only improvement I could see is an Profile Picture integration, as it has been mentionned already, otherwise it looks great!

# by n0n1 on 10/01/11 at 19:47:23

How to change styles to more? For example in the Cosmos?

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