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iTunes status icon set

iTunes status icon set

Submitted By John Meche (jmeche3)


I love the iTunes 5 buddy list style, and so I decided to make a matching status icon set for it.



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# by iPond317 on 02/07/06 at 23:40:20

I like it! Looks good with the iTunes style! I was too lazy to do it myself! LOL Thanks!

# by ascarinthesky510 on 02/08/06 at 01:25:10

Matches wonderfully!

# by Cortez on 02/08/06 at 16:35:24

I love this set. I think it's the best one.

# by frankiefrank25 on 02/20/06 at 12:14:12

m2. it is soooooo awsome but if only u could actually have music on it....but i dont even no how to make this stuff anyway, it's like impossible!

# by zaudragon on 02/10/06 at 01:30:44

It unfortunately has the blue background…

# by zaudragon on 02/10/06 at 01:45:42

Heh… nevermind. Did you extract these from the .rsrc file?

# by jmeche3 on 02/10/06 at 04:00:47

No, just a little photoshop work on a screen shot.

# by fmaanimefreak on 02/11/06 at 20:37:57

For the mobile status, you should put the mini ROKR icon that comes up when you plug in a ROKR, or of course one of the iPods, or the new SLVR.

# by frankiefrank25 on 02/20/06 at 12:15:20

what r u talking about?

# by frankiefrank25 on 03/12/06 at 11:58:48

you sound like a computer geek. ooooooh i bet u r! ha ha ur a computer geek

# by simplebeep on 04/12/06 at 08:27:56

I love it!

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Last Updated: 02/06/06
Ian Pond for the iTunes5 style. Zaudragon for the idea.