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Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Submitted By Sage Olson (Sage)


For use with Max's Aluminum Alloy theme, of course.



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# by Micah Yee on 05/29/04 at 19:15:57

what happened to the orange buttons?

# by smajor on 05/29/04 at 20:18:08

^ you need to be running the Aluminum Alloy theme for OS X from to get the buttons.

# by on 05/30/04 at 19:15:28

two things... can there be an option -not- to have the icon without having it be replaced by the default icon? also, can the icon be smaller, or rather the amount of space taken per im be smaller? i really like this skin but i have to scroll if there's more than, like, two im exchanges.

# by Sage on 05/31/04 at 02:47:16

Certainly! Finals are going to be tying me up for the next week, and I've got to do some major working on a website the next week, but I'll try to get in those variations as soon as possible. :-)

# by Sage on 05/31/04 at 02:48:25

* ... and I've got to do some major working on a website the next week AFTER THAT...

Dang, this thing needs an edit function.

# by on 01/08/05 at 20:25:57

AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by on 05/07/05 at 14:13:53

I love this theme, but could you make a variant with smaller user icons? Like 32x32 or 24x24? I'm having trouble playing with it and I feel that you would do a better job. Thanks for your hard work!

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