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Adium Growl Style

Adium Growl Style

Submitted By Justin (DeathAxe)


My first extra!

This a Growl Style for Adium. Nothing more to say!
Please post comments and suggestions so I can improve this Growl style.



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# by 61Tipo61 on 02/28/06 at 15:32:43

have any screen shots?

# by DeathAxe on 02/28/06 at 17:04:09

added :)

# by Félix on 02/28/06 at 21:29:39

It'd be nicer if you could anti-aliase the Adium X text at top. :)

# by Iiro on 03/01/06 at 00:20:37

that looks an awfull lot like my preview icon for the Ducks family :D

# by DeathAxe on 03/02/06 at 11:30:33

look at the cradits ;)

# by The_Tick on 03/02/06 at 06:31:04

If you don't mind, submit this one to as well. Looks neat :D

# by miroku on 03/04/06 at 14:56:11

I love it! Very clean, and helps me pick out my messages from song changes...!!!

# by rcadonici on 03/05/06 at 06:44:00

I'm trying to understand how to set this extra in adium...tried to drag into applications..any help? Thanks.

# by Sharky517 on 03/05/06 at 21:07:28

its not for adium exactly, its for Growl, a nifty notification app that can be had at

# by rcadonici on 03/06/06 at 09:53:42

Thanks. Then I guess I will have to unistall...pity though.

# by germanboy3383 on 04/04/06 at 15:20:36

ahh at least a link with more growl notifications
is this the only link where we mac users can find growl extras?

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Family Ducks extra for the image