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Adium Status Logger

Adium Status Logger

Submitted By sourgrapes


Installing this will place a folder called "Adium Status Log" in your Applications directory. In that is a program that creates scripts to monitor and log the status of your Adium contacts. This script was written because of the lack of a Trillian-esque status logger in Adium. It is not as easy to setup as Trillian's logger since it is still in it's early stages, but once setup, it works just as well and does not require any further work on your part.

If you have any suggestions for improvements email me. Please read the Readme file for further information. The Readme file is placed in the same folder as the program.


Version 1.5:
1. Removed the bug causing folder permissions error.
2. Creates scripts that are easily sortable.
3. Now it logs away and idle statuses as well.

Version 1.0:
1. Logs signing on and off statuses.


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# by kirk on 03/28/06 at 23:40:39

Nice script, I just wish the script could just extract all your contacts and log them automatically.

# by sourgrapes on 03/31/06 at 10:43:52

Yeah, when I'm free of the daily hustle and bustle I'll try to add that functionality. I'm working on understanding how to integrate that part of Adium. Thanks.

# by rearden on 04/06/06 at 11:24:46

great work - one question though (from a scripting airhead) - is there any way to make the script automatically log the contents of an away message when the contact goes away? go easy on me...

# by sourgrapes on 04/06/06 at 16:47:29

You mean the away message itself? I'm not so sure. Unless Adium gives off a flag everytime someone goes away that includes the message. There seems to be a way to set a message using AppleScript. ( So conversely reading the status should be possible. I should be able to solve that problem in a week or two. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll try to work it in.

# by shadowtech on 07/13/06 at 12:55:51

I don't think this works with 1.0...

# by sourgrapes on 08/04/06 at 13:17:40

Did you try downloading it and running it instead of the direct install?

# by xoqtkrissox on 08/20/06 at 12:33:15

i want this to work so bad! when i try to download it it says Installation Failed. An error occured while installing the xtra. what do i do??

# by sourgrapes on 10/04/06 at 19:37:38

I just tested the script by downloading and running it, instead of using the install link and it worked. Try getting the latest version of the beta.

# by sourgrapes on 11/09/06 at 17:32:49

I just realized that you don't need this script if you install Growl. Just use the log feature in Growl. I will still be working on making it better than Growl's logger (appreciate any further suggestions) but I just thought I'd let you guys know.

# by ydmfg on 04/08/08 at 02:01:44

I've got your Script installed_
I setup the Logs for all the the Buddies in my Buddy List_ How do I access the info? Where does it show up?

I also have Growl installed_
Where is the Log feature you mentioned?


# by Panos00 on 01/14/10 at 19:46:40

there is something else like plug-in to do that automatically?... on adium menu-> contact -> view status logger..

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