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Submitted By Timothy (Xenos)


A icon of Magus, obviously its a little pixelated being from an SNES game, but I think it turned out pretty well.



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# by thekenichi on 06/04/04 at 14:34:48

very good icons!!
i like chrono trigger.

# by Crazycole2001 on 06/04/04 at 21:48:48

dude! make ROBO!!
and Lucca! and Ayla.... and Chrono, and Marle!!

# by on 07/15/04 at 06:03:28

sadly enough, i was playing that lately...(i enjoy it after 9 years, its that GOOD!) Awesome Icons, you'd be my hero if u did more characters from this timeless snes classic!

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 01/20/06 at 23:17:00

Wonderful. There are only 2 characters I would like to see made into dock icons more than Magus, Mr. Saturn and Bonta-Kun... But they can't really be properly compared. Magus is the greatest non-goffy character ever and the dock does him justice. I don't know if you can do this, but I think it would be really cool if you could get him to swing his scythe when you send a message.

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