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AIM Fight Score

AIM Fight Score

Submitted By Leif Heflin (ihaveabellybutton)


Returns the AIM Fight score of the screenname.

How to use: %_getAimFightScoreFor{screenname}


fixed a bug


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# by germanboy3383 on 04/17/06 at 23:01:07

huh? what is aim fight score?

# by sawmaster on 08/28/07 at 21:57:41

When u get people to add them to their buddy list, ur score goes up! poupler people give you more score! How do people get pouplor? By them having a ton of people adding u to their contacts list!

# by ihaveabellybutton on 04/18/06 at 19:03:51

click the link

# by spartin92 on 06/23/07 at 17:37:53

is there a way to return "AIM Fight Score: (score)" instead of just the score?
great script btw, its so cool in my profile

# by ihaveabellybutton on 06/25/07 at 19:25:50

thanks and try "AIM Fight Score: %_getAimFightScoreFor{screenname}"

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