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Marathon Infinity GreenBobs

Marathon Infinity GreenBobs

Submitted By nexia lys (nexia)


For the romantics, here is a soundpack made with the best Green Bobs quotes from the bungie Marathon game... (for mac!)... these are the original sounds, and remember, greenbobs are the ones with the CB style of sound...

here are the actual sounds set in:
"Connected" lock_on_my_signal.aif
"Contact Returned from Away" don_t_shoot_me.aif
"Contact Returned from Idle" i_got_visual.aif
"Contact Signed Off" ready_for_beam_out.aif
"Contact Signed On" i_m_taking_point.aif
"Contact Went Away" hey_no_hard_feeling.aif
"Contact Went Idle" shoot_somebody_else_alright.aif
"Disconnected" i_m_coming_out_of_boost.aif
"Error" get_down.aif
"File Transfer Began" ok_let_s_rip_it_up.aif
"File Transfer Canceled Remotely" stop_shooting_me.aif
"File Transfer Canceled" hen_hen_euh_oops.aif
"File Transfer Complete" i_got_a_signal_here.aif
"File Transfer Request" nailed.aif
"Message Received (Background Chat)" foot_prints.aif
"Message Received (New)" i_love_you_man.aif
"Message Received (Stranger)" i_got_one_on_me.aif
"Message Received" i_got_him.aif
"Message Sent" ready_for_evacc.aif
"New Mail Received" that_s_gotta_hurt.aif

... i just need the complete list of sounds from the system... i'm not even sure the pack will work.. lol this is my first attempt!


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# by da_baum on 04/16/06 at 16:14:44

*mouth waters* A Marathon sound set! Sweet!

# by nexia on 04/16/06 at 20:33:46

;) oh, and please VOTE if you want me to add the second collection >> BlueBobs... (real voices) you know the Blue Bobs anyway!

# by da_baum on 04/19/06 at 00:25:55

Yes, please add the second one! I changed my sound set for more than a day for the first time in over a year, thanks to this sound set. Good work. How about an alien set too (if you have time, of course)? That'd so rock.

# by nexia on 04/19/06 at 15:39:42

@da_baum... this is the best comment someone can leave for a release... THANKS!
btw, i'll be releasing the Bluebobs by the week-end and try to fix a new pack with Pfhor, S'pht, etc !!!

# by Raptor007 on 02/05/07 at 08:06:28

This is a great VacBOB set, though I prefer the original BOBs myself. If you don't get to it, maybe I'll make a set from the originals (it's easy to grab them with Anvil).

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