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SilkAdium Toolbar replacement

SilkAdium Toolbar replacement

Submitted By Leo Lin (nt10)



Combine the popular Silk iconset with mail style button.

Drag all png files into your Adium/Contents/Resources and choose "Replace All"

Changes: Add 3 icons so you can use in 1.0 svn as well. :)

Credits go to


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# by xSpikex on 05/02/06 at 12:11:16


# by gottacoppafeel on 05/03/06 at 06:55:48

wow! amazing!

# by madosie on 05/07/06 at 12:00:37

beautiful. I love them!

# by MeDiCiNe on 05/07/06 at 19:57:13

I'm not really one for the mail buttons but these beat the default icons hands down thanks.

# by sphereboy on 05/09/06 at 16:06:36

sweet. great job. thanks!

# by Dylan1077 on 05/15/06 at 19:34:58

I like this a lot, nice work.

My only suggestion is that you include a screenshot of your contact list and message window with the toolbar shown to show what it looks like.

# by lolamione on 08/01/06 at 10:56:49

These are absolutely wonderful :)

# by jillianvw on 11/06/06 at 01:09:18

I don't understand how to install the icons! :-s

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/05/07 at 04:09:35

Very cool, not I can pretend I'm in mail. =D

# by iankaumeyer on 04/14/07 at 00:49:03

Where did this wonderful extra go? I miss the unfied look it gave Adium!

# by tartofour on 03/22/08 at 10:19:12

Why was this disabled?

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