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Fool's Court

Fool's Court

Submitted By Christian Cosas (csquared)


(Formerly Symphonic Variations, No. 2 and Variations Simplified)

This is actually a pair of similarly composed soundsets. Fool's Court Symphonic is an orchestral soundset, while Fool's Court Simplified strips the melodies down to their bare essentials in a vibraphone arrangement. Each one used to be available under its own separate heading, but I decided to combine them since they're encoded with AAC (128 kbps) and small enough to fit into one archive.

The melodic motif I used is built around the musical interval of a 9th, and it's got kind of a playful sound.

This soundset collection, like my others, is a compositional experiment for me. I've designed this set to express a unified musical idea while also remaining simple and functional. Many other soundsets (including the official AIM and MSN alerts) merely resort to using basic major triads and consonant intervals like a perfect fifth or fourth. I wanted to develop something with a little more sophisticated music theory, incorporating dissonances and suspensions.

The sounds activate on the following events: Connect, Disconnect, Contact Sign On, Contact Sign Off, New Message Received, Message Sent, Message Received, and Error.

Copyright 2006 by Christian Cosas. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


v1.1 - 6 August 2007 Combined the Symphonic and Simplified arrangements into a single archive.
v1.01 - 25 March 2007 Renamed soundset and updated format for XML.
v1.0 - 2 June 2006 Initial release.


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# by eskander on 06/03/06 at 00:11:48

very nice

# by Dreday on 08/14/06 at 23:03:29

This actually sounds like it comes from Kingdom Hearts, lol. Very nice

# by creator4ever on 09/06/06 at 20:11:03

Very Nice, Me like

# by pianoman0723 on 09/29/06 at 16:59:33

nice. made me laugh.

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