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Submitted By Canadrian


This is a Dr. Zoidberg (from Futurama) sound set. I downloaded Treven Ward's icon set and thought it warranted its own sound set. An hour later... here it is! It's my first sound set, so hopefully it turns out well. Send me your comments and I'll make the appropriate changes. :)

Pretty-much all the events are assigned sounds. There were a couple I didn't do because I couldn't find codes for them for the sound file. If someone could point me in the direction of a complete list of event codes, I'll rectify the situation.



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# by evands on 06/06/06 at 03:24:01

Complete list is the strings shown here:

# by biglittledragoon on 06/07/06 at 17:16:27

Thanks, I'm interested in it too. ;)

# by tedger on 06/07/06 at 08:52:32

W00t! I'm a celebrity!

# by sadistickiss on 10/06/07 at 13:00:02

Thanks so much for this. I love it : ).

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