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Submitted By Spike May (Spike_may)


Glass Msg Style to go with my glass contact list and icons :) Background is changeable.. this is a modified version of protoscroll by Eoban Binder, which i think is the best msg style for adium, i just tweaked it to match my desktop and theme :P



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# by dcentity2000 on 06/24/06 at 21:58:56

Adium 1.x supports message centre transparency; combine that with a theme based heavily on transparencies like this one and you're onto a winner :D

# by jeby on 01/27/07 at 16:53:00


# by ellasaurus on 08/10/07 at 14:04:28

how do you make the message center transparent??

# by dcentity2000 on 08/18/07 at 18:09:45

Look in the preferenes for the custom background setting and alter the transparency via the slider there

# by jpincheira on 11/02/06 at 20:40:15

hey that theme rocks!
which theme is? a shapeshifter theme?

# by saviourseph on 02/14/08 at 12:00:06

Yeah - it's called fantastic - it's probably on InterfaceLIFT (can't remember where I downloaded it now).

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 12/19/06 at 22:43:05

I love this but I would like it more if there were color options besides Red and Blue

# by betterthanfew on 01/04/07 at 03:08:47

can you make one without the stars? i just want one that is sorta clear or something, just real plain.

# by betterthanfew on 01/04/07 at 03:09:02

otherwise i really enjoy the layout.

# by greetd on 04/09/08 at 16:22:42

I have a question. In screen names, capitals are turned off. How can I change this? I'd like to see my and people's screen names as they are, with capitals. :)

# by greetd on 04/09/08 at 16:33:46

Never mind, I found the solution :)

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