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Link Faces

Link Faces

Submitted By mirror_ofthe_moon


Now who doesn't love Link emoticons? A port from the GAIM pack by Obsequious Eye, based off the Zelda Legends Forum.


0.1: Original Release
0.2: Added ^^; to nervous sweat and lessthanthree. If someone would be willing to submit a better heart it'd be appreciated & credited. : ) I'm not much for creating images from scratch...
0.3: Implemented doubleback's lessthanthree icon. Much better. Thank You!
0.31: Fixed a bug in the .plist file causing Adium to crash



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# by csquared on 06/30/06 at 17:09:27

These are fantastic. Thanks for porting them.

N.B.: This set is larger (in pixel height & width) than most standard emoticon sets. I don't personally think that's a negative, but it might be for others.

# by brandonhines on 07/01/06 at 00:44:56

"This set is larger (in pixel height & width) than most standard emoticon sets. I don't personally think that's a negative, but it might be for others."

That would be me. ;)

I love the set, but I wish it was a little smaller...

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/01/06 at 12:06:59

What size were you thinking of? They're currently 25x29, and I've found that even 20x23 you lose details. Also, some of them have small motion that was not included in this version; how many of you would you be interested in moving emoticons? (Ex. Eyes move in 'Shifty', hand moves in 'Unsure') It's either motion or smaller, though, the motions are all blurry at 20x23, and I'm assuming you want something like 16x18. From a clarity standpoint, it doesn't make sense to make them any smaller, and I know some people find motion irritating. :-/ The vote is on!

# by brandonhines on 07/01/06 at 12:30:45

I set incoming and outgoing fonts to ten point and most emoticons scew up the line spacing. I could see how shrinking in would mess it up. I was just thinking alound.

One of the hearts for the life meter would make a excellent "kiss" icon though.

# by csquared on 07/01/06 at 13:32:16

@mirror_ofthe_moon: If you do decide to shrink them down (I don't think you should), please leave this set as-is and create a separate smaller set. These emoticons are optimally designed down to the pixel, and I'd hate to see the artistry compromised.

# by doubleback on 07/29/06 at 02:45:16

i like animation... perhaps you could do like one that's motion and one that's not...

# by Tyr on 07/02/06 at 16:47:19

Great Job, although it does need one for the "O:)" smilie, still good job

# by csquared on 07/03/06 at 02:47:41

Tyr, do you mean the "Angel" smiley, rendered as 0:-) above? (It's the 8th one down.)

# by Tyr on 07/03/06 at 12:27:36

d'oh, maybe i should go get my eyesight checked :

# by lains_navi on 07/05/06 at 19:02:52

I absolutely love this emoticon set. Only one request. Could you add ^^; to the nervous sweat emoticon. I went in and did it myself, but I'd rather not have to do that every time you upgrade the set XD

# by doubleback on 07/22/06 at 22:36:52

i emailed you a new

# by feelingkettle on 07/28/06 at 23:34:12

I just installed the latest version of this, and now every time I try to open the Appearance Prefs in 1.0b7, it crashes Adium. It has to be this xtra, because when I remove it, there's no problem. Anyone else getting this?

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 09:46:18

I'm getting this, too, funny enough. I have NO idea how/why it happens.... I'll put it in the "changes", though, to save everyone else... If anyone has any idea tell me!

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 09:46:53

Now that I've seen it, I'm disabling it instead.

# by AshenFox on 07/29/06 at 04:35:49

yeah i'm getting the same thing. Not sure what the problem is though O..o()

# by Spookster on 07/29/06 at 05:24:38

I like it, but it even crashes my v1.0b7 when I launch it :s

# by mirror_ofthe_moon on 07/29/06 at 12:35:16

I've fixed the Adium crashing thing, it was something in the .plist file. All better! :D

# by aoisenshi on 08/29/06 at 03:21:07

Sugoi! Totemo kawaii!!
Cool! Very cute!

# by scrolls on 09/24/06 at 21:27:17

dude this set is sweeeeet love link

# by isiliel on 10/30/06 at 08:21:44

Extremely cute! *downloads*

# by Dacheatbot on 02/03/07 at 18:25:37

I love them! To bad I don't use emotes that much. ^^;

# by solly3 on 03/15/08 at 07:53:48

How do you make your own smiley set?

# by Savanna on 03/18/08 at 00:50:13

These are adorable!

# by truskis on 03/03/09 at 03:09:05

I love them, estan rebonitas, i always smile when i add one to my conversations

# by xLINKx on 10/14/09 at 21:50:10

Im sorry but this set wouldn work for me :( ultra sad... this is by far THEE cutest smiley set ever.... Love link... x

# by MaddiLouise on 06/20/11 at 16:04:54


There's no :O face. JUST SAYIN.

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