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Submitted By Derek Costa (DCosta)


A very minimal approach. No user icons, no status icons, no clutter. Text and background color tell you everything you need to know. Enjoy.

In the original version:
Online & Available: white text w/black BG
Online & Unavailable: gray text w/black BG
Unread Message(s): flash between current state (available or unavailable) & white BG w/black text
Online/Offline Transition: white BG w/black text

In the inverted version:
Online & Available: black text w/white BG
Online & Unavailable: gray text w/white BG
Unread Message(s): flash between current state (available or unavailable) & black BG w/white text
Online/Offline Transition: black BG w/white text

For optimal appearence, set the following:
Window Style: Group Bubbles
Opacity: 42%
List Width: 150px
Scale to fit verticaly: on

Window Style: Group Bubbles
Opacity: 59%
List Width: 150px
Scale to fit verticaly: on

Screen shots 1, 2 & 3: Original
Screen shot 4: Inverted
Please excuse the "Poop" group. That was only put there do demonstrate what multiple groups look like.
I took new screen shots so you could see the lists on a full screen, without the blurring of everything.

The wallpapers are my photography. E-mail me if you want one. A full gallery is available at my site.


1.0.3 Noticed the colors were a bit off in the inverted version. Fixed.
1.0.2 Added an alternate color option.
1.0.1 The colors were off a bit for the going off line action. Fixed now.
1.0.0 Initial release.


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# by DCosta on 06/30/06 at 22:50:56

Hi everyone that downloaded this! Please leave me comments to let me know what you think... suggestions, etc. Thanks!

# by brandonhines on 07/01/06 at 01:04:12

This looks excellent on the right background. :)

# by DCosta on 07/01/06 at 02:13:50

I've just created an inverted version of this, so hopefuly I've covered all of the backgrounds out there. :D

# by ispytonyv on 07/01/06 at 14:09:35

I like the unobtrusive nature of this one.

# by krysia322 on 07/04/06 at 12:51:45

I love it. Don't suppose there's a matching message style? :-)

# by DCosta on 07/04/06 at 17:19:02

I am working on it. I'm new to the xtras for Adium, so give me some time. I'll do my best.

# by DCosta on 07/06/06 at 10:50:03

I just changed my mind. I have been using the Minimal message style that comes bundled with Adium for the longest time, and I find that it goes with this list theme quite nicely. I couldn't come up with anything better; the best I could do for you is make a grayscale mod of the Minimal message style.

# by dcentity2000 on 07/06/06 at 12:23:20

Simple and nice.

# by midjetville on 07/27/06 at 08:50:46

i noticed that you were thinking of a message style that goes with this. i am working on a BLU22 message style which is basicly free-floating text on a 20 percent opaque surface. no huge windows, just a flat surface which text freely floats. its turning out well, but its very difficult as i have never done this before lol. ill let you know when it is finished!

# by littlebluerobot on 09/05/12 at 16:49:02

Simple and clean, my favorite. (I downloaded this and it said "200% Complete" which was also kind of amazing.)

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