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Submitted By cyberfunk


These are the status icons from Version 0.89.1. While this may seem silly to some, those using the new beta versions may be annoyed, as I was, at the new darkened jewels/gems, and want an easy way to put the old zest back into the interface.

This set lets you put those icons back. Shamelessly taken from the 0.89.1 version of Adium's resources.



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# by vter4life on 07/12/06 at 00:55:33

Thank you! I was looking everywhere for the old gems after seeing the darkened ones in the betas of 1.0...I thought I was the only one that noticed! The new gems were almost depressing..

# by Fadookie on 11/22/06 at 09:52:12

Just what I was looking for. Thanks for putting this together. :)

# by scifi451 on 11/22/06 at 16:13:53

Not silly at all! Thank you!! Fixes one of my complaints about the 1.0 beta.

# by chloeB on 02/03/07 at 06:30:09

A thousand thanks! I am a creature of habit and was very comfortable with these gems. The new ones looked like Christmas ornaments...nice at Christmas time, perhaps, but out of place the rest of the year. :)

# by yesthatguy on 02/05/07 at 04:58:26

This is exactly what I wanted to find, thanks! I don't know the right place to give more official feedback, but I am mildly colorblind and the red and green in the new default status icons look nearly identical. I never had much of a problem with these older ones, so it's nice to be able to go back to them this easily.

# by hazmat on 04/21/07 at 23:28:42

Thank you! I loved these icons and really missed them.

# by Brighid on 11/08/07 at 18:43:14

I never used the old version, but these are much prettier than the default gems. I wasn't fond of how dark they were; this set is very lovely.

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Taken from Adium, ver 0.89.1