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Submitted By Yojimbo


A clean theme with a soft feel to it, inspired by the Smooth Operator style. Satin includes several layout and color options.

NOTE: To get the complete look and feel, reformat the incoming message font to Helvetica size 10 with a 27% gray color.


  • 1.4 Fixed an issue where the client wasn't loading the header style definitions in certain cases.
  • 1.3
    • Added a monochrome variant.
    • Added support for a header and updated chat scrolling behavior.
    • Fixed all known bugs.
  • 1.2 Fixed formatting problems under 10.3.9 and 10.4.


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# by JBUK on 06/10/04 at 11:18:28

I love this message view! Very simple and pleasant to use. This is now my default view. I just have one wee problem it wont let me change the font used. But hey i still love it!

# by circuit on 06/10/04 at 12:15:06

Awesome! The only things keeping me from using this (instead of Smooth Operator) now are:
1) changing font
2) having a blue-red variant
3) having a variant using something other than orange for status (maybe)

Awesome job otherwise! :)

# by Yojimbo on 06/10/04 at 15:53:22

Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure why the font can't be changed, but I'll look into it. I'll be adding a blue-red variant as well as some other alternates as soon as I can.

# by Yojimbo on 06/11/04 at 00:15:49

Uploaded a new version that includes a red theme as well as a less intense status background and fixes the font changing issue.

# by beefcake on 06/11/04 at 11:47:43

note that if you use a timestamp without am/pm, the name bar becomes broken.

also if i type more than one line during a chat (without hitting enter to send the message) my helvetica size 10 font hugs tight to the time stamp.

# by Yojimbo on 06/11/04 at 22:32:49

beefcake, I'm not able to reproduce a situation where the name header gets borken based on your description.

# by JBUK on 06/12/04 at 07:59:58

I am still having font problems but i am sure this has nothing to do with this message view. Adium wont let me change font on any style unless it changes the font for just the away or status messages. How strange is that!!

Anyway guess we now have to wait for the devs to have a look at what's going wrong there.

Still the BEST message view i have seen. simply elegant. I love it!!!!

# by on 06/13/04 at 00:28:22

My name bar is broken as well. Can't figure out what's causing it though; I haven't gotten it to go away even if I use AM/PM in my timestamp.

# by on 06/13/04 at 00:29:54

Scratch that last; it happens when the window is too narrow, regardless of the timestamp. Which isn't to say that it's in any way permissible. ;)

# by Yojimbo on 06/13/04 at 10:37:52

Thanks, that seems to be it. Expanding the window will work, but this problem will still occur with long status messages and names/aliases.

# by on 06/14/04 at 10:33:03

doesn't work properly in chat rooms :

# by on 06/15/04 at 19:31:52

1st off this is the best Message View that I have come across!! 2nd, there seems to be a glitch with the input text area for a new message. I keep getting 2/3rds of my header in that area (From: 123456). Anyone else having this issue.

Using Satin 1.1, RBP-No Icon, Luicida Grande 10, Minimum Size 4, the rest is set to default.

# by Anonymous on 06/30/04 at 00:21:04

# by Brendan on 07/03/04 at 22:17:02

Why wont this work on the newest version 0.61.
It keeps telling me that the new version doesnt do the New Messege screens.

# by Brendan on 07/03/04 at 22:20:15

Oh hang on, it says its not supported with OS X 10.2(jaguar). Why isnt it compatible.

# by CzarDerivative on 09/26/04 at 00:11:38

Brendan: ...webkit

# by cheesechick on 11/16/04 at 01:08:49

Beautiful message view, but very, very buggy. Status alerts constantly screw up the whole view. I look forward to a future release!

# by Yojimbo on 11/17/04 at 21:35:49

Hope to release a verison that fixes the status alert issue soon.

# by kylan on 12/14/04 at 01:02:42

This is by far my favorite style. Can't wait for your update/fix!

# by BlueRevolution on 01/08/05 at 22:45:37

whoa that just replaced Smooth Operator! I'm not sure I like the light orange/blue used for the usernames, I think it would look better using the same orange as the background of the NAME went idle messages. aside from that and the aforementioned bugs, this style is totally awesome

# by on 01/24/05 at 18:37:11

Clear, easy to read, cool...

# by on 01/27/05 at 21:29:06

this is an awesome style. i hope the broken image bar will be fixed soon. also, it would be nice if there is a style out there that would automatically adjust its size depending on the type of client and icon used. for example, 48x48 for AIM, 96x96 for MSN, etc.

# by on 02/28/05 at 14:39:57

Hey, Yojimbo. I have ported this template to another IM client (Miranda for Windows). Recently a new plugin (IEview) has been released for it to use HTML formatted conversations. I'm here to request permission to release your style. I have added you to AIM (thechunkster2k3). Hope to get in contact soon =)

Here is a screenshot of the finished product ( It has been recoded almost completely due to differences in the Internet Explorer engine and Gecko engine.

# by on 03/05/05 at 18:20:26

I've got this thing installed, IEView up and running, and i can get it to show, but then anyone types a message the screen goes blank. It's annoying the hell out of me, it looks great until I touch it, anyone got any ideas ?

# by on 03/24/05 at 11:09:54

First all, sorry for my english, because it isn?t good. Well, I installed this message view in my Miranda, and I like it a lot. But I think that exists a bug when you have a long nickname. The box on top, that contains the nickname, doesn?t expand with long nicknames, so the nickname exceeds the area.

Congratulations for the best message view.


# by on 04/16/05 at 07:33:37

It is a great skin. But I'm really looking forward for the RTL version...

# by Meg on 04/17/05 at 03:14:42

I just installed OS 10.3.9 update and after restart, every user icon in my message window is larger than normal, throwing off the flow of lines of text and whatnot. The lines of text no longer wrap around the icon. FYI.

# by Caleb on 04/17/05 at 15:34:52

Ditto, it's a reproducable problem.

# by Vlcice on 04/17/05 at 22:14:01

The 10.3.9 problem (which I have too) is with the new version of WebKit that comes with it - Satin will have to be updated. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix it or I'd do so. :(

# by Yojimbo on 04/17/05 at 23:17:23

Yes, it's very broken in 10.3.9. Fortunately, I finally have some time to spend on this and should have an update available relatively soon.

# by Yojimbo on 04/18/05 at 20:03:56

Tests show that Adium is ignoring the buddyIcon css definition while it works as expected using Safari and current WebKit. Looks like Adium devs may need to take a look at this one.

# by Jamal on 04/19/05 at 15:10:07

apparently safari wasn't case sensitive in it's css definitions before this update. if you change the HTML class defs to be 'buddyIcon' (with a capital I) it will work great.

# by Yojimbo on 04/19/05 at 15:33:06

Thanks Jamal! Worked perfectly. Since a lot of people are having this problem, I'm going to go ahead and release this fix instead of waiting till I fix the status and name header issues.

# by on 04/19/05 at 17:48:02

Can you make a Black, Black, Graphite version? Or Black, Gray, Graphite? This is my favorite Xtra. Nice job.

# by Yojimbo on 04/19/05 at 18:12:12

Thanks. I'll see what I can do.

# by on 04/20/05 at 21:09:17

you know what would be awesome? smooth scrolling support like in ProtoScroll. That would look beautiful with this style!

# by on 04/27/05 at 15:04:07

Hej, Yojimbo! I have "ported" your style for Polish Windows Messenger - Konnekt (, to be precise, for its plugin which uses Internet Explorer rendering engine. As Russellc said, it has been recoded almost completely due to differences in engines. And unfortunately kIEview (plugin for Konnekt) is very simple and doesn't have ability to put every HTML template in it. Only CSS could be changed. :( So I tried as hard as I could and this is final work:
It looks nearly the same in chat window. As you can see I have put some tweaks and added things. It's just because I didn't had chance to use tables or more sophisticated div layout.

Hope that you'll give me your permission. Regards, riddle.

# by Skunkie on 05/12/05 at 05:34:40

I am a new Mac user and of course the first thing I downloaded and installed was Adium so that I could communicate with all my cohors. I was looking around for nice Adium skins and after tons of searhcing and downlaoding of Message Window styles, my all tiem favorite is Satin. I love it. Hell my boy friend likes it too. So this is what I am sticking with.

Great Job to the author!

# by dcentity2000 on 09/08/05 at 11:47:29

Best theme ever, full stop.

# by AirRaven on 07/04/06 at 06:54:29

Works superbly in Kopete 12.0.0 Beta 1 for Linux, which supports Adium Message Styles.

Fantastic theme. Thanks! :D

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/15/07 at 15:16:23

i like it tons!!! :D its awesome! really and sincerely!!

# by Cruciarius on 11/20/07 at 16:48:47

This is possibly the best message style ever. I've used it for weeks now and modded it to fit my needs (increased the buddy icons to 46x46, so they're not so compressed). Keep up the good work.

# by Sajdak on 11/28/07 at 21:51:10

I like this message theme a lot. 8-) But after updating to 10.4.11 on my eMac at home a font in header changed from Helvetica (?) to Times (?). Strange thing, on my PM G5 at work with the same version of OS, there is a right font - something like Helvetica. :-O I prefer that way of showing header. What's wrong? What can I do to correct it? (sorry for my english)

# by Yojimbo on 11/29/07 at 00:35:29

Hi Sajdak, I think I've found the culprit and a fix. Since I haven't updated this thing in a while, I'm going to take this opportunity to fix a few other issues and modernize this before releasing an update, but you can fix this by editing the defaults.css file within the message style package and change the two font-family references from "Myriad" to "Helvetica".

# by Yojimbo on 12/01/07 at 08:50:05

I've uploaded an update that fixes all currently known issues, including the font issue Sajdak mentioned. I've also added a few new features like support for a header, some scrolling behavior (not smooth scrolling), and a monochromatic variant for those of you wanting less color in your lives ;).

I was unable to figure out a way to support multiple buddy icon sizes, so for now I stuck with the original 32x32 size.

# by shaps776 on 12/05/07 at 23:33:45

Yojimbo - I would like to ask your permission to port this theme to another IM client. Can you email me at shaps776 ['at'] gmail ['dot'] com

# by tellece on 01/21/08 at 11:08:53

This is definitely the best message style! Good work!

Though I am able to change the font, I can't change size or color.
Also, I like the background to be semi-transparent, but changing it makes the text-"bubbles" more transparent too! This might be something you want to have there though.. But if it's not, it would be good to make the bubbles a fixed opacity and the background changeable.

# by Noumenon on 02/13/08 at 19:14:33

I've noticed a bug in this, when someone uses a long username the header gets messed up, the text gets placed below the entire header area.

# by Kuka on 09/22/08 at 10:08:38

It's great! Been looking for a cool but yet simple and smooth message style. And now I have! THanks :D

# by ekologik on 02/23/09 at 05:59:48

awesome. i love it. 5 dux.

# by rob-to86 on 03/14/09 at 11:09:40

Sweet! :)

# by Vogel on 11/21/10 at 00:33:02

Hi. What about adding support for non-rectangual avatars, like in Gadu-Gadu protocol?
Here is example path that I did and it works for me:

# by Yojimbo on 11/21/10 at 03:31:39

Been a long time since I've touched this. It'll still need a rectangular region for the icon itself. Diff looks good, only issue with max-width is that stuff that's smaller could create some interesting layout problems. Beyond that, I don't see an issue with it and I'll play with it a bit and post an update. Thanks!

# by beevvy on 12/18/10 at 20:30:14

Hello. There seems to be a problem with imageSwap JavaScript functionality in Satin's Template.html. The img tag is not correctly restored after second mouse click. Here is a patch for that:

# by beevvy on 12/18/10 at 20:57:13

There is also the same problem in showhide.js:

# by Vogel on 01/03/11 at 04:16:12

Hi. There is also a problem with very wide chat windows and with very high messages.
See here:

# by alexmartin on 04/23/14 at 12:22:25

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# by meninalinda on 08/19/14 at 02:30:57

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# by meninalinda on 08/19/14 at 02:33:12

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Thanks again.

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