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Colorado Rockies Dock Icon

Colorado Rockies Dock Icon

Submitted By lunchbox8484


Well, I decided to make a Colorado Rockies baseball dock icon, because I seriously doubt anyone else is a Rockies fan. I don't have any animation for when you recieve a message like it flapping or anything because I wanted to use the away jersey for the AWAY state. I personally have it set so the name of who's IMing me flashes in the Dock, so I don't need any kind of extra animation anyway.

I'm up to making other teams if no one else will do it, just lemme know.



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# by skoo402 on 07/22/06 at 19:47:50

I like the idea of the away state being the away jersey. But yeah, the Rockies kinda have a more local following... kinda like my Royals *sigh*

# by canadianeh on 07/23/06 at 11:35:09

If you've got any spare time, I'm sure the Canadians among us would love a Blue Jays icon

# by twistmac on 07/28/06 at 03:38:44

Awesome icon, I love the Rockies!

# by dglenn101 on 08/12/06 at 00:05:00

hey great icon, i love the idea with the away jersy and the rockies are sweet, theyve got a chance for the playoffs being just 3 games of the wild card. You said that you're up to making other icons, if u have time, it would be sweet if you could make a tigers icon, that would be awesome. Thanks

# by alventura160 on 09/04/06 at 16:56:29

Awesome icon. I am a die hard Rockies fan even though they are typically one of the worst teams in MLB.

# by nicegoaleh on 04/03/07 at 00:29:31

Philadelphia Phillies, perhaps??

# by javajawa on 10/02/07 at 15:46:14

Doesn't install in 1.1.3. HELP!

# by javajawa on 10/02/07 at 16:21:56

Ok, I figured out a solution. Open the folder [username]/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Dock Icons. Copy an existing .AdiumIcon file (download another dock icon file if necessary). Rename the copy to something like AdiumyRockies.AdiumIcon (or other unique name). Right-click this file and select Show Package Contents. Remove all existing files. Click Download link on this page to download the zip file containing the files you need. Unzip the contents of this file and open the resulting folder (should be named "colorado_rockies_dock_icon_1_7284_3067"). Copy all the contents of this folder over to the AdiumyRockies.AdiumIcon window. Restart Adium.

I would send my file to the author, but I don't see a way of contacting him?

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