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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Submitted By Zach (zakness)


A Sound Set using sounds from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII.

The sounds consist mostly of beeps, blips, and other short jingles heard when navigating FFVII's menus. Exceptions are "Limit Break", "Cast Life", and arpeggios extracted from Aerith's Theme.

There are 8 sounds altogether. See InfernoSoul's comment below for the descriptions of the sounds.

Note: The original FFVII Sound Set contains five sounds and was created by jumpers-eye.


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# by snarfer on 08/16/06 at 22:42:10

I approve, simply because it sounds like it rules. Also very creative.

# by InfernoSoul on 08/17/06 at 16:03:12

Connect(Arpeggio) - Is the beginning of "Aerith's Theme" from the Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections by Shiro Hamaguchi and Seiji Honda.

Disconnected(Arpeggio) - Is the second part of the beginning of "Aerith's Theme" from the Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections by Shiro Hamaguchi and Seiji Honda.

Error - is the sound you hear when you try to give someone a potion or something that doesn't need anymore or can't use it.

File transfer cancel - is the sound you hear when you are canceling/backing out of the menu options in the game.

File transfer complete - is what you have Limit Break.

Message Received - is the sound you hear after you load a game from the memory card "Load complete sound".

Message Sent - is the sound you hear when you are moving the finger pointer up and down in the menu of the game.

Hope this helps you.

# by InfernoSoul on 08/17/06 at 16:06:59

Oh and the Contact Sign On - is what you have, Elixir.

# by zakness on 08/17/06 at 19:07:45

Thank you very much! I bow to your FFVII knowledge.

# by InfernoSoul on 08/18/06 at 00:01:57

Glad I could help.

# by skeletonboy on 08/22/06 at 15:59:38

really great sound set, works really well with everything.

# by ribs15183 on 08/24/06 at 21:42:26

I click the 'install' link and it seems the sound set downloads, but it never installs in my Preferences. This is the first time I've epxerienced this. Any suggestions?


# by Wizardling on 09/22/06 at 01:29:18

Likewise. It is corrupt.

# by zakness on 09/22/06 at 01:54:29

huh... dunno what's wrong. i resubmitted the archive for reapproval, hopefully it'll fix itself.

# by snarfer on 09/26/06 at 01:06:28

Works for me.

# by Sirius74 on 10/02/08 at 12:46:06

Nice work! I commend your skills and taste in materia! ^^

# by zakness on 07/25/10 at 03:15:49

Sorry for the late reply -- thanks!

# by snoodies on 03/27/09 at 20:14:52

I enjoyed your set, especially the connect on/off sounds!

# by zakness on 07/25/10 at 03:18:42

Sorry for the late reply thanks! Those are my favs too :)

# by heasch on 07/23/10 at 23:48:42

My FAVORITE Final Fantasy! Thank you so much!

# by zakness on 07/25/10 at 03:20:56

You're welcome! It's my fav too, no storyline or characters of any ff since can compete :P

# by Ducktatorship on 09/17/10 at 19:44:13

Works for me BUT I had to re-start Adium in order for the sounds to function. After that they do a wonderful job. I re-arrange their default assigned events to my particular taste, but the sounds are very nicely recorded and well selected.
Thanks :-)

# by zakness on 09/18/10 at 07:28:13

Hrmm... not sure why a restart was required. Glad you like them, though!

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