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Nintendo DS System Sounds

Nintendo DS System Sounds

Submitted By defectDS


I've compiled every single sound you can find in the Nintendo DS. Actually, there is one I didn't have the patience to wait for; the hourly bells. But it's not like you will ever need it with all of the sounds included in this set! I directly recorded them using a small adapter, so there is no noise in the background. I also amplified the sounds and took out as much as grain as possible without ruining them. Hope you like, have fun!


August 27th, 2006 - Urgent: I've been getting comments that it may not install in certain versions of Adium. It might be because of a cheap workaround I used to get all of the sounds in. For the sound to be available from the list, it has to be assigned to an event when coded. So all the sounds that were not assigned to an event, I assigned to "Miscellaneous 1, Miscellaneous 2," etc. Not sure if that's supposed to be possible, but I'm sure that's what is causing the problem. Once the team comes out with a stable version of Adium and AdiumSoundSets, I'm sure it will all be fine. :) Until then, I suppose you can drag the files out of the SoundSet (Right Click + View Package Contents) and listen to them for fun. :)


August 18th, 2006 - Fixed a bug where not all of the sounds were available. Should work now!



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# by snarfer on 08/16/06 at 22:43:34

Seeing as how it was previously approved, I just figure go for it.

# by csquared on 08/17/06 at 14:50:14

Very well done. Your default assignment of some of the sounds is a little questionable—specifically, I think "Signal Search" should've gone with the Error alert; it just seems more... threatening. Still, excellent work.

# by dijama on 08/19/06 at 00:38:13

Coupled with sounds from the metal gear sound set this is amazing.

# by Daveecee on 08/20/06 at 19:12:03

Except for a few sounds being in the set twice, PERFECT.

# by Daveecee on 08/20/06 at 19:13:33

Oops, just the "Bells" sound is in there twice.

# by Daveecee on 08/20/06 at 19:16:52

I really want a Pictochat Message Theme now :P

# by ArghArgh200 on 10/13/08 at 21:44:22

Yeah...Me too...

# by Scooter5484 on 08/21/06 at 10:46:40

i just have a question - im searching around and i really dont know how to activate the sounds. Maybe im just an idiot but i thought i searched thoroughly.

# by skeletonboy on 08/22/06 at 16:00:34

The install isn't working for me. The file gets put into the right place, but doesn't appear in the preferences menu at all.

# by Rumpfunk on 08/26/06 at 00:03:59

Q? How to install it ? The file gets put the right place , but i can't find it in the preferences menu ? help please

# by defectDS on 08/26/06 at 01:31:02

Dreadfully sorry, but it is installing for me. Maybe it is just a glitch in the betas. We'll see. If I get some more installation complaints, I will deeply look into it. Thanks!


# by synistyr on 08/27/06 at 23:28:37

Won't install on 0.89.1 either..

# by defectDS on 08/27/06 at 23:35:30

I just tried installing them every possible way, all times successful. Even from this site itself. I am using the latest beta, so maybe the problem stems from 0.89.1. I'll look into it. Thanks guys.

# by Dyc on 09/01/06 at 08:32:07

same problem for me...installed the is in the right place/folder....but it doesn't show up....tried 5 times with the same result...please help

# by Wizardling on 09/22/06 at 01:27:17

I have to manually assign the sounds, which isn't so bad, as I generally do that anyway.

# by thepetecom on 10/08/06 at 17:50:11

Can't find it either. Sounds like you might want to deeply look into it now... thanks in advance! I love the sounds from the DS and this is a great idea for an Adium sound set!

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