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Gems Menu Bar Icons

Gems Menu Bar Icons

Submitted By Jeffrey Heinze Fry (Plentyofpaper654)


This is a menu bar icon set I developed around the gems status icons. It's purpose is to make a menu bar where you can easily tell your status even when Adium is in the background, and should be especially helpful if you use gems as your status icon set.
Also, if somebody could tell me how to allow me to set an icon to "away" it would be much appreciated. I can't figure out how to do that...



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# by Plentyofpaper654 on 08/19/06 at 10:28:41

Unfortunately, I don't know how to make it so it will display an image for "away" and it only has support for images of online, offline, and new message received. If anybody could help me with this, it would be much appreciated and I'll be happy to add you to the credits if you like. I think having an image for "away" would help a lot so you would be able to tell your status in Adium while it's still in the background. I often forget to set my status back from away as the only way for me to tell my status is to bring Adium to the front (or notice there is no sound), which I only do while messaging people.

# by fissure on 08/27/06 at 22:18:49

Do any of the other menu bar icons support the away status? If so I would say just modify that one with your own pictures. Also, I think you should have written this in the xtra description, not in the comments o.0

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 08/27/06 at 22:23:17

Yeah. I should have put it in the description. I kind of forgot to add it to the desciption when I made it... then didn't realize how to change it. Anyway, I haven't found any others with the away status, although that's the first thing I looked for.

# by fissure on 08/27/06 at 22:47:50

And if you were to change the description you would have to wait for your extra to be approved all over again :P

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 08/27/06 at 23:04:07

Looks like I was able to change it without re-approval, so it's in the description now. I'm not sure there is a way to de it easily though as the images for the other were just in the Adium Package contents... so you would need to find a different method for adding the away image than the others. It might be far more complicated than I could manage... and none of the other sets seem to have one.

# by fissure on 08/27/06 at 23:17:17

That's good to know, I guess it only needs reapproval when you change the binary. Sorry I can't help with the away status, though I'm surprised that adium doesn't support it by default :-/

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Last Updated: 08/19/06
Whoever originaly developed the gems icons. Probably someboy from the iChat team.