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Apple Pro

Apple Pro

Submitted By siMac


Apple Pro.

A contact list style based on the HUD pallettes found in Apple's 'Pro' apps, and more recently in iLife 06.

Set to 70% transparency and use 'Group Bubbles' for optimum effect.



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# by ascarinthesky510 on 08/27/06 at 18:02:19


# by Maverick on 08/27/06 at 19:57:56

It looks great. Which theme are you using in the preview?

# by siMac on 08/28/06 at 02:22:25

It's a personal mod called v23evolution. The current version is unreleased, but you can download an earlier version from

# by fissure on 08/27/06 at 22:06:52

Very nice theme, but to make it really look like those pro dialogues, the group headers need to be larger and there shouldn't be a gradient over them.

This actually gives me some ideas to make a status icon set that would better match those windows (in a similar style as the little icons on either side of the sliders in iPhoto). And it would also be fun to replace the arrow with the "X" image that the windows use for a close button (though it's a shame you wouldn't be able to put those arrows as part of the list style and would require users to actually replace adium recourses.)

# by siMac on 08/28/06 at 02:15:11

The gradient is an error that was fixed in the download, I'll fix the preview shortly.

# by fissure on 09/02/06 at 08:19:20

Cool :)

# by papockotos on 08/28/06 at 01:25:56

I would love to know what theme you are using as well. It would fit my MacBook in Black perfectly!
And I can't wait to see the improvements to this extra as well.

# by mattx on 08/28/06 at 16:57:30

i cant get the theme to install, and every theme i have download has worked fine :-

# by siMac on 08/28/06 at 17:14:34

I had this problem on my work machine, it seems that SVN 1.0 contact list themes aren't backwards compatible with 0.89. Upgraded to 1.0 and it worked.

# by ac2600 on 08/28/06 at 22:16:56

sorry if this is a dumb question, but i'm very new to adium x and macs in general, what is svn 1.0, and where is the upgrade? thanks

# by ac2600 on 08/28/06 at 23:08:40

figured it out, sorry about that

# by drfloppy on 08/28/06 at 18:36:39

me gusto mucho

# by vikking on 08/29/06 at 15:32:13

Doesn't work here when I click install it downloads but I can't find it in the drop down list in the preferences...

# by mattx on 08/29/06 at 20:57:41

vikking, you have to download the newest adium (the beta version) to get this theme to work. i had the same problem. and it works fine after i updated

# by vikking on 09/01/06 at 18:01:42

Thnx :)

# by vip on 08/30/06 at 21:25:18

what status icons ?

# by cpuente on 09/07/06 at 21:53:25

I love it!

# by cpuente on 09/07/06 at 21:59:26

Which status Icons I have to use it? I didn't found it!


# by icemonkey004 on 02/18/08 at 07:45:56

hey, where'd you get those status icons??

# by Aleex on 11/17/11 at 18:17:16

That is pretty. which status icons have you use?
Best regards,
Alex from

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