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Submitted By desp


A simple and well-rounded message style.

This message style has been obsoleted by Glow Light and Glow Dark, and will be eventually removed.



  • Initial release.


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# by zaudragon on 09/02/06 at 23:51:42

Notice that the preview has trouble reloading the corners every time you change the variant.

# by desp on 09/05/06 at 18:41:18

Yes, that's right. Unfortunately, that seems to be a bug in either Adium or WebKit -- the lower corners are located in :before/:after pseudoelements of an empty div, and perhaps that's the reason why the preview doesn't refresh them properly. However, after closing and re-opening the window, the style displays without any problems.

# by greatcaffeine on 09/03/06 at 00:16:11

Great message style, 5 ducks! Nice and simple, but it's still pretty to look at.

My only request is that you add a few more color variations... in particular, I'd love to see blue vs. grey instead of just grey vs. blue (or whatever other color I pick). Other than that, no complaints!

# by desp on 09/05/06 at 18:41:55

Thanks. I'll do that in the upcoming update.

# by m2e on 09/03/06 at 00:24:02

OK quite frankly, this is the prettiest message style I've seen for a while. Would love a blue vs. green colour variation but this is still a wonderful style!

# by desp on 09/05/06 at 18:42:17

Thanks. You'll find that variation in the upcoming update.

# by Iiro on 09/03/06 at 05:45:14

Excellent! Reminds me of Automator's nice interface. :-)

5 Ducks.

# by dcentity2000 on 09/03/06 at 16:58:16


# by Shark!! on 09/03/06 at 18:33:24

yeah big one, if you make it a little bit smaller it would be a default theme..

# by Mxwllsmrt4 on 09/05/06 at 02:21:44

having problem with font colors when using it.

# by desp on 09/05/06 at 18:44:27

Can you describe in some more detail the problems that you're having? I'm not aware of any problems with font colors; however, the current version doesn't support font sizes larger than 10 pixels.

# by pixelatedpirate on 09/05/06 at 15:40:10

This one gets four ducks from me. I just wish the name bar were a little thinner.

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