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AddressBook Style

AddressBook Style

Submitted By FJA


You want tu view your message like Apple's Address Book? this Message Styles is for you ;)


  • Fisrt release

  • Correct bug with black/white image
  • Add header
  • Change user info view (on icon mouse over show info, 1 click fixe it, 1 click again hide info)



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# by air__devil on 09/19/06 at 15:59:33

Didn't install properly for me... don't know what the problem is. I posted a screenshot of the problem here: 13448017@N00/247618064/" rel="nofollow noreferrer">>

# by air__devil on 09/19/06 at 16:00:50

Sorry, incorrect link. This is the right one:

# by air__devil on 09/19/06 at 16:04:04

Sorry about all this, its my flickr that is not working. Here's a link via . Sorry again! I didn't mean to keep posting broken links!

# by FJA on 09/21/06 at 18:03:59

Try to download the message style again, if the problem persist, I will upload again.
Thank for your test
Sorry for my bad English

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 03/05/07 at 00:43:43

This looks nothing like Address Book....

# by br0seph on 03/07/07 at 02:27:04

not quite address book, but good try :)

# by imgoingblind on 11/07/07 at 20:15:51

It's a really wonderfull style... but it'll be better if the messages get grouped: If you write 3 times before your contact answer.. it's better if they get grouped... and when your contact answer the same thing... making the conversation more compact....

Anyway... a nice style :)

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