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Submitted By Konstantin Grusha (the_zoi)


A Red Puyo dock icon. Sits quietly until you receive a message, then starts wiggling until you pay it some attention. Fully done in vector by me.

More puyos coming soon!


2006-09-21. Initial version released.



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# by echidnae on 09/23/06 at 16:51:02

I like it, but there's no connecting animation, which I find useful sometimes. Maybe you could make the icon fade from red to gray while adium is connecting?

# by dijama on 09/23/06 at 17:23:41

Puyo is decidedly fresh. However, he def. needs different colors for different states. My suggestion: Green when active, red when away, blue when idle, white when invisible. Otherwise i love it, keep it up.

# by Marius_Th on 09/23/06 at 17:31:14

I do so love the animation! ^_^
but yeah, colores don't hurt, especially with such a colorable icon like this one =)

# by metaphysical on 09/24/06 at 22:19:34

Haha, that's a great animation. It could use some work before I would actually consider using this, but it's definitely a start.

I used to love this game.

# by touspous on 12/17/06 at 22:07:09

Looks a little bit too aggressive for me!!!Could change faces along the way.But in overall NICE BOUNCE!!!

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Konstantin Grusha