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Adium Away Widget

Adium Away Widget

Submitted By Tony (canon66)


A dashboard widget that allows you to set up to six custom away messages for quick, easy access. It's a little faster than clicking through the menus or setting a custom message all the time. Each message can be set by selecting a tab from the back of the widget, when you've set the ones you want, just hit "done" and it will save all your changes and return to the front. The large, green "I'm Back" button will set your status to available.


- Added a small button to set accounts offline next to the "I'm Back" button.
- Did a quick check to make sure the main functions still work with the latest version of Adium (1.3.8).
*Uploaded a new copy on 12-9-09 because I never updated the version number on the back of the widget.
- Fixed Applescripts to iterate over each online account, instead of only acting on the first account.
- Added version number to back of widget in "Available" message tab.
- Updates to Applescripts work with Adium 1.2
- Cleaned up the code a bit by moving the Applescript code to separate files among other small code changes in the versions since 1.6.
- Fixed issue with buttons changing position with long display names.
- Added a cancel button to back to ignore changes made and return to the front.

- Added customizable available message.
- Fixed issue with single quotes in messages.
- Fixed incorrect version numbering.



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# by snarfer on 09/28/06 at 12:51:51

Very cool.

# by darmot7 on 09/30/06 at 02:47:17

love it, 5 stars.

# by Fruzion on 11/02/06 at 01:47:15

sweet... very useful

# by Turcle on 12/01/06 at 00:10:30

Umm I like it and love it but there is one huge problem if the message is too long the info goes away and you can't adjust anything anymore...if this could be fixed that would be great, or maybe i don't know how to fix and someone could tell me

# by canon66 on 12/01/06 at 00:47:10

I'm not sure what you mean, what can't be adjusted with a long message? I'll be glad to fix any issue you're having with it, I just need a little more info on exactly what the problem is.


# by Turcle on 12/01/06 at 00:51:23

Any thing, like on the normal widgets, the little "i" appears. When you write a message too long the litte "i" disappears. And you can no longer change any messages, or change it back to available

# by canon66 on 12/01/06 at 01:10:43

Ah! I know exactly what the issue is, you mean if you make the message name to long. A temporary fix is to make your names shorter, they only show up for you on the list of messages. I will correct this though. Thanks!

# by gtarman on 11/04/07 at 17:04:34

I gotta say, that is VERY useful
1 things though
when I set away messages, the icon I see next to the message when I set it is green, signafying that I'm here. and its an away message, so I'm not

# by gtarman on 11/04/07 at 17:08:34

oooooooooooo sry for the waste of time
if i am on available, and I click the pre-set away message on the widget, it says the message but with the green "available" icon
if i switch it to "away" and then click the message, it keeps the red "away" icon
sry for the false alarm
I should really check before i post

# by canon66 on 11/04/07 at 19:30:41

Glad to hear people are still finding it useful :)

# by deadintheend on 01/21/08 at 01:32:43

hey this widget doesn't work for me. I got it all set up and when i click the aways to change to, it does nothing.

# by canon66 on 01/21/08 at 02:19:09

Yeah, the applescript changes in the last update totally broke the current version of the widget. I've just finished updating it to work with Adium 1.2. Download the latest version (1.9) and it should be fine.

# by canon66 on 01/21/08 at 02:55:15

Correction, the latest version is 1.9.1 (I noticed an error in 1.9 that would cause it to only set the message on the first account).

# by Juanne on 01/26/08 at 11:02:04

Hi, this widget could be very useful, the most useful i guess, but i can't use it...
I configured each status (studying,lunch,etc...) but once i choose one of them, no messages appeare next to my nickname.
i used another msn account with aMsn in order to see messages near to my account, but... nothing...

(sorry for this bad english)

# by canon66 on 01/26/08 at 15:04:48

Hi Juanne, I did some testing. I created an MSN messenger account, and tried setting away and available messages when it was signed on alone and while signed on with multiple accounts (AIM, jabber) and everything seems to be working as it should. Try downloading the latest version of the widget, perhaps you grabbed an older copy. Let me know if you still run into this issue with the latest version.

# by Juanne on 01/28/08 at 14:04:25

Hi, i downloaded the latest version of this widget but.. nothing, i can't see any away/avaiable message near to my nickname.
Thanks anyway for your help, i hope in some updates soon :)

# by Mordred666 on 12/02/09 at 19:18:44

could you maybe add a new button for disconnecting?

# by Mordred666 on 12/04/09 at 18:26:38

i am currently working on a newer version of this widget
it will most likely be found here

# by canon66 on 12/04/09 at 23:05:06

I have added a disconnect button as a small icon on the left side, opposite the "i" button. I'm uploading the new version right now.

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