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Submitted By Elliott Cable (ecable)


Mmm just a tag that sends a random "Thanks!" message in one of, um, 1,500 languages(ish).

Use /ty to invoke.



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# by air__devil on 10/04/06 at 01:40:26

It wasn't wasted! It was procrastinated, which means you accomplished more than you would have on that paper you're avoiding! ;)

# by ecable on 10/04/06 at 02:09:47

No paper. Just coding I was avoiding.

# by ColdFlame87 on 10/09/06 at 05:34:49

Great script, would be cool if you can add the language its in for example
{Thanks (English)} just a suggestion, btw what message style and font are you using it looks nice.

# by ecable on 10/09/06 at 06:35:16

I might add that as an option if I have time; message style is Renkoo (Search on here). I dunno exactly what font and size I was using then, I tweak it a slight bit every now and again.

# by ecable on 02/15/07 at 05:32:17

Wow, I wrote an adium extra. crazy. I didn't know I'd ever written an applescript in my life ^^/

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Copied some code from the Chuck Norris script floating around. Thanks.