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Llama Llama Menubar

Llama Llama Menubar

Submitted By Johnny Won (neoneuromancer)


Ancient civilizations once relied solely on llamas for food, protection and vehicles for message delivery. Today, you can do what the ancient Mayans once did, depend on your very own llama for messages! Enjoy your Llama Llama!.

Installation Directions:
  • Control click on the Adium application icon and click on "Show Package Contents".

  • Navigate to Contents / Resources and replace all the files in the Resource folder with the files from this installer.

  • Restart Adium.

Produced by


Adium 1.0b14 Notes
  • As of 1.0b14 is a beta, there is a new menubar protocol that uses the status icons as sub-icon when you recieve a new message. So if you go 'Away' a tiny 16x16 icon is placed in the lower-right side of the menubar icon. This effectively negates the new message icon from the llama because it is replaced by a tiny status-icon. I'd greatly prefer the old way but the developers seem unclear whether this new feature will be turned off or not. Why not let them know the developers know? .87> works perfectly.

  • Dedicated to Ann Lai. Llama Llama Llama!



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# by kangorillas on 10/03/06 at 22:07:13

I love this! Thanks!

# by DarynAR on 10/04/06 at 00:13:00

this is soo kick ass!! I really love it

# by Joebob on 10/04/06 at 13:08:02

Strangely great!
I'd like a llama dock icon now :-)

# by enkuturi-akrias on 10/05/06 at 00:56:41

llama rules!!!

# by iGabe on 10/07/06 at 15:00:44

Very slick.

# by jpincheira on 10/30/06 at 22:18:16

hey dude! great work. the llama just rocks!
thank you.

# by luegopasa on 01/21/07 at 21:46:05

i like it though my llamma wants to eat my bluetooth connection... oh... and mayas didn't have llamas, those were incas :P

# by svpadilla on 02/21/07 at 15:21:18

The install instructions say to replace ALL of the contents in my Resources folder with the contents of the installer. All I got from the installer was the folder, "Llama Llama Menubar Icons," with 6 icons in it. How are those 6 icons supposed to replace the several dozen files in my Resources folder? Did the installer not download correctly?

# by LadyAphrodite on 03/04/07 at 15:26:54

No, what you do is highlight everything in the folder you just installed, and copy them. Next, go to the Resource folder and paste them in. A window will pop up saying that a file with the name adium.png (or whatever) already exists, do you wan to replace it? Hit yes. Do that (press yes) for every time it asks you if you want to replace the files. I know, the instructions are unclear! I had trouble with this the first time until I figured it out. =)

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