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Live Inspired Contact list

Live Inspired Contact list

Submitted By Iiro Jäppinen (Iiro)


The Contact list style to accompany my Dock icon, Live Inspired!


Please note that this Style was made with Adium 1.0 beta version and it may not or will not work with previous versions. Sorry for confusion.

Live Inspired Dock Icon.

Live Inspired Status Icons.



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# by l355thanz3r0 on 10/11/06 at 01:32:59

i tried to install it but notihng happened. the dock icon and status icons are great, no idea why this wont work.

# by Aust68 on 10/11/06 at 22:05:42

Same problem as above, install, get install complete message, but nothing. The status & dock icons are great though.

# by Aust68 on 10/11/06 at 22:59:40

Ah, sorry I hadn't read carefully enough, haha.

# by dcentity2000 on 10/13/06 at 17:35:07


# by nightshrill on 10/14/06 at 17:14:05

Well are you using Adium 1.0 Beta guys? Clear message above stating it may not work with previous versions. I'm using 1.0 beta, which is amazing btw, they finally got file transfers to work ^^!

# by nightshrill on 10/14/06 at 17:15:30

i just realized that comment was supposed to go to the first two posters, sorry dcentity2000 ^^;

# by nightshrill on 10/14/06 at 17:14:39

The theme works for me, and it's nice, but right now it doesn't work with my dark-ish Halloween theme i've got going on, so come November when it's winter imagery it'll blend in fine! A nice work, is there any chance you could make a message theme along these lines, Juice works nice, but it doesn't integrate perfectly. Keep up the good work liro!

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Iiro Jäppinen