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Submitted By Adriano Manocchia (SalsaShark)


This is a WebKit message style for AdiumX based on Star Trek LCARS. There is a version with a header and a version without. Each version contains several color schemes and style variants.


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# by ascarinthesky510 on 06/22/04 at 22:52:52

wow. this is awesome!

# by on 06/23/04 at 01:08:11

love it! thanks! wanna make a contact style too? ;) hehehe

# by Fwiff on 06/23/04 at 01:38:42

Thats just freaken cool


# by SalsaShark on 06/23/04 at 15:34:34

Yeah, I thought about including contact list styles to match, but I was kind of LCARSed-out. I'll probably include them in the next update when my brain recovers =]

# by SalsaShark on 06/24/04 at 14:04:33

Someone requested the header to be a footer and it looks pretty good. It will be incorporated into the next release, but you can get the standalone message style here:

# by on 06/26/04 at 08:14:54

Wow! Well done!!

# by smajor on 06/27/04 at 16:03:37

I've just uploaded a Star Trek sound set that includes a variant with only LCARS computer sounds to compliment this theme. Hopefully, it'll be approved soon.

# by CzarDerivative on 06/29/04 at 22:12:16

LCARS style contact list theme has been added.

# by LouieNet on 12/20/05 at 17:29:55

I can't seem to locate it. Has it been removed?

# by OxC0FFEE on 12/23/05 at 13:48:18

i can't find it either. could someone please re-upload this?

# by jdmdulcimer on 07/10/04 at 19:20:04

This is the best! I love it! Good job!

# by Patrick on 02/02/05 at 20:30:28

haha That's great! Man, nomatter what the skinnable program, someone comes out with an LCARS theme. Bonus points to whoever knows what LCARS stands for. :D

# by AJBlue98 on 03/10/07 at 15:03:45

Library Computer Access & Retrieval System. ;)

# by on 03/17/05 at 06:59:31

Ah, back during Adium .60 I used this skin, and I still do! Kudos to you!

# by Dylan1077 on 03/19/05 at 09:12:44

A little funky and distracting. Ok tho.

# by on 03/21/05 at 06:03:02

Simply absolutely fantastic, together with the TNG sounds!

# by on 05/03/05 at 21:16:54

hmm .80 is doing something funky with the timestamps

Not a show-stopper, but noticable...

ANyway - I like this one very much and will certainly continue using it!

# by on 05/03/05 at 23:33:48

I'm not seeing any problems. If you could provide me with a screenshot or more info, e-mail me. Thanks.

# by Adriano Manocchia on 05/04/05 at 17:32:21

I take it back. There's definitely an issue with away/active updates and overriding outgoing font color. I'll fix those and do some updates as soon as I can. Thanks.

# by on 06/20/05 at 16:04:59

This is a truly fantastic set!!! In combination with the LCARS sound-set the effect is absolutely amazing.
It's probably not possible to skin the message-window itself, is it?
And how about the contact-list, is there something available to make that fall in line with the LCARS-theme?

# by RossGGG on 03/06/06 at 05:20:24

I'm having a problem with the outgoing font. It shows up as black on my screen so that I can't see it on the background of the lcars style, but if I change it to white the person I'm IMing can't see the message.

# by Zephyr on 01/19/07 at 03:08:52

This is superb. Awesome. Uber. I love it.

However, where can I find the LCARS Adium contact list? Someone mentioned there was one but I cannot locate it anywhere.

# by mr_max on 05/22/07 at 06:31:50

Sorry but how can I install those? After downloading and installing into my Xtras manager, I can't figure how to activate this fantastic set!? The only thing I could set is the Dock icon...

thanks for help, Live long and prosper

max ;-)

# by guardian_proxy on 06/10/07 at 00:46:12

You have to download the link rather then install. Install doesn't seem to work for the current version I'm using. Then you open the dmg file and double click on the files that you need.

# by mr_max on 06/11/07 at 06:24:54

Thanks it worked!

max ;-)

# by HeadCrab007 on 06/15/07 at 18:13:13

Love it! It's just the right touch of Retro. Kind of reminds me of F-zero endless challenge, from SNES.

# by funkypepper on 01/29/08 at 18:09:35

love to see it as a contact list style! with opaque background, only frame colors are visible, and contacts with swiss911 font. would be incredible..
would perfectly fit with my ncc 1701 d wallpaper..

# by stevenfoe on 11/14/08 at 04:50:46

I would love to see a contact list as well. Also, soes anyone know where to find the sound set that has been mentioned.

# by funkypepper on 01/29/08 at 18:31:37

but i have some problems, fonts do not display as smooth as it's been shown here. is there a way to fix it? for instance i can't see the middle parts of a, o and else. also fonts are kinda haired :D i'm using the latest build..

# by roarnin on 06/08/11 at 00:07:31

trekkie, he-he... looks cool

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